Changsha Xiangjiang Aier Eye Hospital love to help high school students realize their dreams

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Xiao Feng gave Changsha Aier ophthalmic banner and took a photo with the medical staff.Rednet moment March 24 – (Correspondent Chen Qin) For many people, myopia surgery is like “icing on the cake”, but for others, it may change the course of life.Recently, Changsha Xiangjiang Aier Eye Hospital to help xiao Feng successfully picked the mirror, clear vision to help the blood boy took a firm step toward the barracks dream.Xiao Feng, 18, from Zhangjiajie, is a candidate for the 2022 Hunan High School entrance Exam.Xiao Feng said he was the only child in the family, his mother is not in the family, only the sick father, due to the special family situation, was raised by the outside caring people.Since childhood, Xiao Feng has always had a dream to join the army: “Joining the army can exercise myself, but also change the fate of my family, better contribute to the society, and the people who helped me.”Xiao Feng, who passed the national college entrance examination this year, took part in the physical examination for conscription in spring, but failed because his naked eye vision was less than 0.5.Xiao Feng saw to pass by his dream, he is at a loss, Changsha small good public charity and social love to understand this situation, ready for xiao Feng classmates myopia surgery financial support.After multiple screening, they chose Changsha Xiangjiang Aier Eye Hospital.Under the company of the organization and caring personage, xiao Feng came to Changsha Xiangjiang Aier Eye Hospital.After a detailed preoperative examination, Changsha Xiangjiang Aier refractive surgery, deputy president Zhou Haodong said: Small peak students right eye has 125 degrees of myopia accompanied by 100 degrees of astigmatism, left eye has 125 astigmatism, after the thickness of the cornea, curvature and other more than 20 items of detailed examination, in line with the fine myopia operation indications.Changsha Xiangjiang Aier eye hospital to understand the situation of small peak, decided to reduce the cost of myopia surgery for his total, assist his army dream!Zhou Haodong, the president of xiaofeng myopia surgery, the second day after the operation, both eyes naked eye vision reached 1.0, in line with the physical examination conditions for conscription.”The moment I saw, I knew I was closer to my dream!I will try my best to hone in the army and become an excellent soldier to serve the motherland and society!”Small peak students excited said.In fact, there are many students like Xiao Feng, through “picking the mirror” let them realize their dreams, to win the opportunity to change their fate.Zhou Haodong, vice president of Changsha Xiangjiang Aier Eye Hospital, reminded young applicants: “Myopia surgery is not for everyone, nor is it done at any time.Before the implementation of myopic surgery, the patient needs to do a detailed preoperative examination, in order to carry out customized design of myopic surgery according to personal eye conditions and occupational needs.As a special group, myopic conscripted friends should prepare for myopic surgery as soon as possible without delay.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: