Chiang fled the mainland, take away countless gold, national treasure half

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“Micro Master” was defeated and fled Taiwan in 49 years, taking away numerous gold and silver treasures, leaving a chicken feathers.Today we take stock of some of the treasures that Boss Jiang took away.Let’s take the treasures of the Palace Museum alone, there are 2,972 boxes. Notice that my unit is not pieces but boxes.Of the rest, 826 boxes were taken from the Central Museum, 644 boxes from the National Library, 976 boxes from the Academy, and 60 boxes from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This shows Chiang kai-shek’s insatiable greed.There were five thousand four hundred and ninety-four chests of gold and silver, all of which he took into his pocket.There are even a lot of rare priceless national treasures, such as The Tripod of MAO Gong and the emerald cabbage. In order to take it away easily, he even cut the Painting into two sections. Now, the short part was saved and put into zhejiang Museum, while the other part is still in Taiwan.As we all know, we have a Palace Museum in Beijing, but actually, we also have a Palace Museum in Taiwan.And there are all president Jiang south fled with the past, there the Imperial Palace collection is not less than the collection in Beijing, it is really a big pity ah.As we all know, in April of ’49, the kuomintang reactionaries were losing ground in the mainland. Thief Chiang knew that our party could not let him go, so he began his last struggle, that is, to flee to Taiwan.He must not have the heart to live a hard life in Taiwan, how to do that?With my open micro master personality is certainly to secretly protect national treasure, said frankly, is stealing.At that time, Chiang Kai-shek was no longer the head of the Kuomintang. He lost the election to Li Zongren, but his position did not interfere with the power and status of others. He was still the hidden head of the Party.Chiang stole them not only for himself, but also for the future of the new China, leaving the new regime destitute.But also to let the Americans who abandoned him see, he old Chiang, China in.The wave micro master is thinking of four eagles with one arrow.”666″, but in any case he did not think that the new China is not his decadent Kuomintang regime, we simply put together a poor future.We continue to talk about president Chiang’s path of stealing the state. Who was the most loyal to Chiang Kai-shek in the Party?Probably everyone will say the name with one voice: Yu Hongjun.And the task of “escorting” the national treasure is of course handed over to the most loyal dog. The old dog, who has been waiting in Hong Kong for a long time, can finally be loyal and filial to its master.Old dog first went to Shanghai, where he completed the first step of his master’s task, and discussed the great cause of “baathist state” with Lao Tang, who was stationed in Shanghai at that time.After that, the two would also be the main figures protecting Chiang kai-shek’s entry into Taiwan.Old dog along with a general common cooperation, round off the central bank governor Liu Siye, audacious, both of them were actually secretly opened the national bank vault, yes, like all people think that this is not what the strategic shift, and completely theft, a dictator for the profligacy of the nation’s wealth and openly about the government’s authority.Such a person, nominally everywhere is the country, but in fact only himself.When the wealth of the country was loaded into Chiang Kai-shek’s private plane, no one knew it was the entire wealth of the country.Everything has been completed, Chiang Kai-shek gave the order, relying on the previous position in the party and interests of the temptation to let Wu Songqing in Shanghai to help send to Taiwan, and was ordered by the people do not know what is on the plane.By noon the sky would have been dark. The treasure was gone for good, and Chiang kai-shek would soon kidnap the whole of Taiwan.The history of the People’s Republic of China has never been one of conquering Kings and defeat. The Kuomintang reactionaries are borers corrupting the country and everyone must punish them.