Lili: Seeking new positioning, showing new look and realizing new development, Yinhai District strives to be the pacesman of beihai charming construction quality

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On the morning of February 19, 2022, Li Li, deputy Secretary of the CPC Municipal Committee and Mayor of Yinhai District, went to yinhai District in the pouring rain to carry out the research on the theme of “Creating a Quality Beihai and a Charming Beihai”.She stressed that Yinhai district should speed up to make up for shortcomings, cultivate more characteristic industries, seek new positioning, show a new look, achieve new development, and strive to become the leader of the construction quality beihai charm Beihai.In Pingxinbayi Village of Fucheng Town, Fucheng Modern Fruit and vegetable Industrial Park, and Arhat Pine Industrial Demonstration Area of Yinhai District, Li Li gave affirmation to the construction of yinhai District rural revitalization demonstration site and development of characteristic industries, and pointed out that only industrial revitalization can drive rural revitalization, relying on high-tech technology platform according to the idea of “one village, one product, one feature”.To promote the development of xianghai Avenue (Yinhai District) industrial demonstration belt and seed industry breeding in accordance with local conditions and high standards, so as to realize the scale, science and technology, standardization, brand and chain of agriculture;We need to give full play to the leading role of leading enterprises and adopt business models such as “companies + bases + rural households” and “e-commerce + rural households” to expand channels for increasing people’s incomes and further activate new drivers of rural revitalization and development.In Fucheng Industrial Park, Li Li listened carefully to the work report of fucheng Industrial Park’s industrial development orientation, infrastructure construction, investment attraction and other aspects.Li Li pointed out that industry has always been the weak board of Yinhai District. Yinhai District should carry out the industrial development idea of “strengthening the leading group, repairing the chain and gathering together”, have confidence and perseverance, and do a good job in the long-term development of industry.We should, as always, make every effort to complete the task of land use guarantee, further improve the service and investment attraction capacity, improve the infrastructure and supporting conditions of the park, and ensure the landing of enterprises with strength as soon as possible.In Xianghai Modern Financial Industry City, Li Li stressed that Yinhai District should fully understand the significance of developing high-end service industry, identify advantages, provide precise support measures, promote high-quality development of high-end service industry, and build a new engine of economic development in Yinhai District.Seafood in QiaoGang Town international fishing city electricity operations center town, lily heard QiaoGang Town fishery industry, cultural tourism industry, detailed understanding of the international fishing city operation forms, operation mode, overseas Chinese Hong Kong seafood processing, the brand and seafood electric commercial town, high-end service operations, live broadcast team take effect. The talent training situation and difficult problems.The measures such as introducing anchor incubation team to stay in the operation center of seafood e-commerce town, providing e-commerce live broadcasting training for the incubated e-commerce operating subjects, accompanying live broadcasting, and sharing dividends on agent seeding to reduce the threshold and cost of live broadcasting for operators were affirmed.Li Li pointed out that seafood should take the road of branding, enhance market competitiveness and increase the added value of products.The government of Qiaogang Town should take the initiative to negotiate with sf express and other logistics companies to solve the problem of high logistics costs reported by e-commerce operators.Ou Yujun, deputy mayor of the municipal government and Li Baiqiang, secretary general of the municipal government participated in the investigation.Luo Peng, secretary of the District Party Committee, Guo Yanjiang, deputy secretary of the district Party Committee and head of the district, conducted the research together.Compilation Unit: Yinhai District Committee of the Communist Party of China Propaganda Department