The winter and spring relief funds and materials for 2021-2022 in Anhui province have all been distributed

2022-04-30 0 By

The Spring Festival is coming, in order to ensure the safety of the affected people warm winter, happy holidays, our province around the emergency departments have organized personnel into the village to go into the affected people’s homes to carry out “warm” activities, to help the affected people spend a happy Spring Festival.Wuhu city emergency bureau to take door-to-door “love”, collective talk about “love” and radio waves spread “love” condolences to the affected people.Into the village, down to the ground, the scattered special victims of the disaster to visit condolence, caring.For the disaster of the difficult people more villages, take the way of collective discussion, with everyone to talk, speak “local dialect”.For the migrant workers of the affected people to make a phone call, send a text message, send a letter of sympathy and other forms to send greetings and blessings to them, so that they feel the care and warmth of the Party and the government.Tongling city in the emergency department to focus on the vulnerable groups, in the face of not using mobile phone, not without use of bank CARDS, children left-behind elderly special groups, such as someone accompanied, bank branch will be personally handing the difficult people, winter and spring relief funds to ensure that the affected people in the winter and spring bailout funds get and use.Huaibei city gu rao town and township LiuPing SuSong county, anqing city emergency management of village cadres, for the affected people sent from door to door blankets, cotton-padded clothes, quilts and other daily supplies, carefully to understand the affected people eat, wear, live, use case, ask if there are any difficulties, and try our best to offer help, solve the affected people trouble back at home, at the same time actively promote the party’s policy on the people,Encourage the affected people in the New Year, make a good plan in advance, use the party’s good policies, rely on industrious hands, step by step to make the day over the more prosperous.During the winter and spring rescue period, the provincial emergency departments at all levels organize to carry out dragnet investigation, not a single household, not a single person, not leaving blind areas, not leaving dead corners.At present, the winter and spring relief funds and materials for 2021-2022 have all been distributed to the affected people to ensure their safety and warmth during winter and holidays.(Reporter Wang Yingzhi)