This seemingly ordinary county-level city has 22 state-guaranteed buildings, and many of them are the first in China

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As one of the four ancient civilizations, China has a long and splendid history and culture, which has never been interrupted. It is a miracle in the history of human development in the world. On this long and ancient land where the Chinese nation breeds and lives, many splendid and famous relics can still be found so far.Bright many historic sites in China spread all over the country, especially in the central and eastern regions, and among them, Shanxi Province is preserved because of unique geographical conditions, thus won the “on the ground in three thousand in Shanxi Province”, and in shanxi has such a seemingly ordinary ordinary county-level cities, it is located in the mountains, seems no difference with general county,But miraculously preserved 20 national key cultural relics protection units, and a number of relics remains or the first in China, can be called an important witness of ancient culture.Gaoping map the county is located in the southeast of Shanxi Province gaoping city of jincheng, gaoping city, county-level city, located in north jersey, basin, its for surrounded by mountains, central named relatively flat, and the ancient, gaoping city is the changping, also is the famous site of the battle of changping, a famous, renowned.Gaoping city culture has a long history, in the old Stone Age, there is human settlement activity sites, and it is said that the human ancestor of the Chinese nation culture has on the education oh, therefore, cao bang also become the hometown of emperor yan, in the territory gaoping city also hold yan temple, emperor yandi mausoleum of emperor yan culture relics, all reveal a high with this culture closely linked.Gaoping emperor yandi mausoleum gaoping city in numerous cultural relics, is worthy of the name of Shanxi Province cultural relics market, existing a lot of cultural relics in our country, especially in the “national key units of cultural relics” as the highest, most of these cultural relics is known as the “national security”, is an important symbol of local cultural relics protection, and in the gaoping city, 20 have national security unit,Even more than many prefecture-level cities.Gaoping Kaihua Temple Gaoping city’s national key cultural relics protection units are mostly concentrated in the fourth batch to the seventh batch, the fourth batch of national protection units 1, namely the Yuan Dynasty ji residence;In the fifth batch, there are 4 state-guaranteed units, which are Chongming Temple, Kaihua Temple, Youxian Temple and Dinglin Temple. In the sixth batch, there are 6 state-guaranteed units, which are Zhongping Erxian Palace, Xilimen Erlang Temple, Qingmeng Temple, Ancient Zhongmiao and Yangtou Mountain Grottoes.There are 9 units in the seventh batch of state insurance units, including: Ancient Temple complex in Dazhou Village, Jiaxiang Temple in Gaoping, three 嵕 Temple in Sanwang Village, Yuxu Temple in Lianghu, Yuhuang Temple in Nanzhuang, Wanshou Palace in Dongfeng, Jidu Temple in Jiannan, Xuansheng Temple in Shi Moxuan and Xianweng Temple. There are 3 units in the eighth batch of State insurance units, respectively:Gaoping Tiefosi, group east Qinghua Temple, up to now, Gaoping city, a total of 22 national protection units.Gaoping, the stage of Erlang Temple, not only has a large number of state-guaranteed units, but also has many state-guaranteed buildings that are the most famous in China, among which ji’s residential houses in Yuan Dynasty are the earliest existing wooden folk houses in China.The murals in Kaiyuan Temple are the most complete painted murals in The Song Dynasty.The ancient stage in Erlang Temple is the earliest extant ancient stage in China, and the Buddhist temple in Chongming Temple is not only the earliest extant wood structure in Song Dynasty in China, but also the only broken beam wood structure in China. These state-guaranteed buildings embody the wisdom of ancient ancestors, and are also the precious cultural relics preserved today.Gaoping Yangtou Mountain scenic area in addition to these national protection unit buildings, Gaoping city has more than 1,000 cultural relics and historic sites, there are emperor Yan cultural scenic area, Changping war relics scenic area and so on, is a veritable cultural tourism place.