Are the Blazers playing the game of the world by giving away their star to a western conference rival?

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The Clippers and trail Blazers just made a big deal, in which the Blazers sent two first-team players, Colin Powell and Covington, to the Clippers for three pieces and a second-round pick.Pretty much everyone thought Powell and Covington were worth at least one first-round pick each, and if they combined they would get two first rounds and two second rounds, the trade was eye-popping.The Blazers essentially gave away Powell and Covington to the Clippers.There are more teams with first-round picks in the league, and with the strength of Powell and Covington, the Blazers could send them out with a higher bid than the Clippers.Why, then, would the Blazers be willing to give away two of their best players to the Clippers, a potential western Conference playoff rival for years to come?Clippers owner Steve Ballmer is known as the former CEO of Microsoft, although not the founder of Microsoft, But Ballmer knew Bill Gates early, and began working for Microsoft in 1980 when it was still in the start-up stage, is regarded as a long-time employee of Microsoft.Trailblazer’s former boss, Paul Allen, also had close ties to Microsoft.Along with Bill Gates, he co-founded Microsoft from scratch in 1975.Gates owns 60 percent and Allen 40 percent.Allen is also a key reason Why Microsoft has become one of the top companies in the world.Ballmer and Allen have not only been colleagues for many years, but have been very good friends throughout their lives.Allen, who bought the Blazers early, even advised Ballmer to find a way to expand his business by buying an NBA team.Although Allen died in 2018, the team is managed by a member of the Allen family, Paul Allen’s sister Jody Lynn Allen.Sister Jody Allen doesn’t care about the blazers’ record. She only cares about the team’s revenue. The Blazers cut their payroll through trade, and they don’t have to pay the luxury tax in the event of a poor season.It was enough that Ms. Allen connected with Mr. Ballmer, an old friend of her brother’s, and cut the team’s payroll.As for the team record and everything else, who cares?#NBA##NBA Hot ##NBA Smart news ## Blazers #