Events not to be ignored in 2021: Chongqing’s GDP will surpass That of Liaoning, and southwest China will completely surpass northeast China?

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With Jilin and Hebei releasing 2021 economic data on Jan 25, economic data for all 31 provinces in China have been released.In terms of total output, guangdong, Jiangsu, Shandong, Zhejiang and other provinces crossed the trillion-level threshold.In terms of growth rate, Hainan and Shanxi were the leaders last year thanks to their policy advantages and resource endowment, while Shaanxi and Henan were hit by both flood and epidemic.In addition, there was also a landmark event: Chongqing surpassed Liaoning’s 2.758.4 billion yuan by 31 billion yuan with 2.789.4 billion yuan.Due to historical reasons, is China’s important industrial base in the northeast of China after the liberation, economically speaking, at least at the end of the last century are still can be the envy of the northeast, but in 2015, the first big economic province in western sichuan province more than the first big economic province northeastern liaoning as a landmark event, the northeast economy began to bluff road of relative decline.If you go back to 2015, almost no one would have believed that chongqing’s economy could surpass Liaoning’s just six years later, when Liaoning’s GDP exceeded Chongqing’s by 1.5 trillion yuan!Nationally, Liaoning was then ranked 10th, while Chongqing was only 20th.Liaoning was the first province to be liberated in China, and Chongqing was an inland city that continued to serve as the secondary capital and the rear area during the Anti-Japanese War. Their economic structure and environment are very similar, and they are both old industrial bases.So, why was Liaoning quickly overtaken by Chongqing when liaoning had the first mover advantage?Train of thought decides outlet!The main reason for the rapid growth of Chongqing lies in the reform and innovation of ideas and enterprising spirit. Specifically, it is mainly reflected in the adjustment of industrial structure, the promotion of supply-side structural reform and the strengthening of innovation and opening up around industrial structure adjustment.In recent 10 years, Chongqing has made great efforts to attract investment to undertake industrial transfer, and the electronic information and automobile industries have become the main driving force of chongqing’s rapid economic development.Among them, From 2014 to now, Chongqing notebook computer output has been ranked first in the world, accounting for about 30%.However, liaoning is the representative of the three northeastern provinces in this respect performance is lackluster.The reasons lie in three points: first, inflexibility in thinking, which is subjective;Secondly, some of liaoning’s industries are high-end equipment, which is a “major power”. It is impossible to expand or adjust on a large scale like other industries, so it is limited to some extent. This is the objective reason.Third, statistically speaking, liaoning’s economy has always been in a serious “water deficit”, which now has to be squeezed out.The story is not over yet.Chongqing is not satisfied with the status quo and is continuing to deepen industrial adjustment.The automobile industry has always been the humerus of Chongqing’s economy, but mostly at the middle and low-end, and is now actively transforming to the high-end.In recent years, the electronic information industry, which has been developing rapidly, is also actively transforming and expanding. In addition to notebook computers, LCD panels are also rising.It can be expected that under the positive enterprising and innovative ideology, under the congenital advantages of the municipality directly under the central government, under the support of the national strategy of the western growth pole and the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, Chongqing will quickly leave Liaoning behind.Taking this as a landmark event, it seems certain that, economically speaking, the overall overtaking of the northeast by the southwest has become inevitable.In terms of GDP ranking in 2021, Yunnan is only one place behind Liaoning.Guizhou, the worst province in southwest China, has left Heilongjiang and Jilin behind, with a gap of nearly 800 billion yuan with Liaoning, but it has strong momentum in development.