If you want to eat hot and sour powder, don’t go out to buy it. Teach you to cook it at home. It takes 3 minutes to learn how to eat hot and sour powder

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# # this is NianWeiEr don’t go out to buy like to eat hot and sour powder, to teach you at home, learn to 3 minutes, hot and sour enjoyable and zongzi is hot and sour powder from sichuan folk, ingredients used local handmade tapioca, hemp, spicy, fresh, sweet, acid, oil and not greasy, taste named give priority to in order to highlight the hot and sour taste, then pass around the southwest are the evolution and modulation and the official took to the streets,Become a local specialty snacks.The development of hot and sour powder stores throughout the country, loved by everyone.It snowed in Xi ‘an yesterday, and the temperature plummeted. It was cold, so I cooked a steaming hot and sour powder at home. It was smooth, sour and spicy appetizing, warm the stomach and warm the body, and it was completely hot to eat.Cooked sweet potato vermicelli is smooth and strong, and matched with cooked small vegetables and fried peanuts, the taste is not inferior to outside restaurants.Outside a hot and sour powder about 12 yuan, I feel that there is no appetite, I do clean at home, my family eat more assured, since I learned to do hot and sour powder, never go out to eat.Today, Luo luo will share with you the common practice of hot and sour powder, like to eat hot and sour powder friends together to see.Ingredients: sweet potato noodles 1, 5 small green vegetables, peanuts 50g, 2 spring Onions, 5 garlic, 2 millet spicy, salt, vinegar, light soy sauce, thirteen incense, chili powder, cooked sesame1, the prepared peanuts soak in water for 5 minutes to remove impurities on the surface, wash the spring onion and cut the spring onion, separate the green onion leaves and the white onion, peel the garlic and wash it and chop it into minced garlic, wash the small rice and cut the pepper circles.2. Mix 1 sour and spicy base material.Take a soup bowl, the bowl into the green onion, garlic, millet hot, salt, thirteen incense, chili, cooked sesame, will burn the hot oil poured into the bowl, stir well and then transfer 5 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of light soy sauce, stir well, this is the key to taste hot and sour powder.3. Heat the pan and cool the oil, add the peanuts when the oil is cool, cover the pot and fry slowly. When you hear the crackling sound in the pot, open the lid and continue to fry the peanuts until they become brown and yellow and taste crispy.4. Take another soup pot, add proper amount of water to the pot, bring the pot to a boil with high fire, then add the pre-washed and cut small green vegetables, hot until the small green vegetables are served raw, remove and put into the plate for later use.5. Do not pour away the water of blanching vegetables, bring to a boil again and add the vermicelli soaked in advance, bring to a boil with high fire and then turn to low fire and continue to cook for 3 minutes.6, the cooked stock into the soup bowl, no stock can be used to boil vermicelli soup instead, vermicelli can be cooked after ladling 2 spoons of soup into the soup bowl.7. Remove the cooked vermicelli and put it into a bowl. Put the blanched green vegetables in advance and sprinkle the fried peanuts into the bowl.A spicy fresh fragrance, strong smooth hot and sour powder is done, like eating acid can put more vinegar, like eating hemp can put some pepper powder.Making points: 1. The key to the delicious hot and sour powder lies in the preparation of hot and sour base material.Take a soup bowl, the bowl into the green onion, garlic, millet spicy, salt, thirteen incense, chili pepper, cooked sesame, the hot oil poured into the bowl, stir well and then transfer 5 tablespoons of vinegar, 2 tablespoons of light soy sauce, stir well.2. The side dishes of hot and sour powder can be matched according to their own preferences. If you like eating sour powder, you can put more vinegar, and if you like eating hemp, you can put more pepper powder.The above is my common recipe of hot and sour powder. If you have different opinions, please leave a comment in the comments section.For more home-cooked recipes, please visit @Lolo food Diary. Thank you for reading, liking, forwarding and bookmarking.