Major General Su Xisheng, vice president and secretary general of China Yan ‘an Spiritual Research Association, strongly supported the Military King

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Li Changdong, a military goods king, was born in Yan ‘an, northern Shaanxi province. He went to Beijing and became a beipiao more than 30 years ago.Now, he has become a very famous military and red collectors, many descendants of the Red Revolution, leaders and celebrities have signed for him.Today, Li Changdong showed me a signature, which was written by Major General Su Xisheng, vice president and secretary general of China Yan ‘an Spirit Research Association. He signed “Yan ‘an spirit shines forever” for Li Changdong, the king of military products, to encourage him to continue to do a good job in red collection.The King was very excited and excited when he got the signature. He told me a lot about his struggle.In the 1990s, China’s reform and opening up just entered the era of rapid development. Li Changdong came to The capital Of Beijing with the deep-rooted red dream of the people in the old area and began his hard life.That struggle has been 30 years.In order to be able to survive in Beijing, he made a lot of work, he far afraid tired, also because of that the quality of bears hardships and stands hard work, in occasional a chance, he found that the old world war I, world war ii military is valuable, there are some people who specialize in these things, and because he is yanan, since the childhood to red story narrative,So he liked everything associated with the Red Revolution from his childhood.It was this opportunity that prompted him to embark on the road of military collection and red collection.From the beginning of the street, to later have a fixed booth, shop, Li Changdong has insisted on this road for 30 years.Talking about these decades, he always laughed that he was a living map of Beijing, because he used to pull a cart almost all over the streets of the city.Pan Jiayuan, Bao Guo Temple have his shadow.He is also known as the king of military products because of his special clothes and decades of collecting experience.Now, “Military king” has become a brand, become his synonymous.The king said he has received many signatures over the years.These signatures are a great affirmation of his career in red Tibet for more than 30 years, but it is also a heavy responsibility. To do a good job in red collection and become an excellent propagandists of red culture is the goal he has set for himself.”As a native of Yan ‘an, I feel very honored that Major General Su Xisheng can sign my name for me. I will certainly live up to his expectations and strive to do a good job in red collection and continue to contribute to the spread of red culture.”Military goods king told me so.