Volvo XC40 pure electric P6 model yu electric and come

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On February 19, Volvo XC40 pure electric P6 model was officially launched in Chengdu Zhongsheng Vormao 4S store. The press conference site was vibrant and full of personality. Under the spotlight, XC40 pure electric P6 made a grand appearance.There are senior internal trainers to Volvo brand and XC40 pure electric P6 model of professional product explanation, more on-site flowers DIY, environmental protection bag rainbow, vibrant performance, the scene atmosphere is thick.The warm hospitality of Chengdu people and the unlimited attitude of Volvo car fans were fully demonstrated in this listing event.No fear of low temperature, instant electricity.Volvo XC40 pure electric version P6 model broke the ice, and the yu electric.P6 models provide two configuration versions, namely Zhiya Sport version and Zhizunsport version. The official direct price starts from 257,000 yuan. Driven by a single motor and combined with a new power battery, it brings lighter weight and longer battery life.The Volvo XC40 battery has a “skynet level” of 50 temperature monitoring points that monitor the temperature of each module in real time to ensure healthy battery operation.When the battery temperature is below -20 degrees, the system can wake up the vehicle to automatically start the intelligent heating.The system also automatically selects the optimal heating solution between the heat pump system and the PTC system, depending on the external environment, to maximize the range.The new Volvo XC40, the all-electric P6, features a new drive form and battery.The new car adopts the front motor layout, the maximum power is 170kW, the peak torque is 330N·m, the comprehensive power consumption is only 14.8kwh /100km, CLTC range is 529km.With a capacity of 69kWh, a weight of 450kg and an energy density of 153.3Wh/kg, the new battery pack helps push boundaries on every trip.The Volvo XC40 electrics also brings Nordic sophistication to the interior, with a jewel-inspired interior that combines black Nubuck suede with premium Nappa leather seats for a minimalist aesthetic and ergonomic styling.On the technology side, the Volvo XC40 is a purely electric smartphone, thanks to the original Android operating system developed jointly by Volvo and Google.In order to better meet the demands of Chinese consumers for intelligent travel, the system also gathers the support of well-known software providers in the industry, such as Huawei, Autonavi, IFLYTEK, Tencent, etc., to meet the different usage habits of each user and create a fast, accurate, convenient and efficient intelligent ecosystem for drivers and riders.As the first all-electric car in the Volvo family, the XC40 all-electric pays tribute to the city dwellers who love life with its upgraded range, best-in-class safety design and exquisite Nordic touches.Every time you spend time with them, it’s a different kind of exploration.Now, through the official direct purchase order, you can also enjoy the Volvo mobility car service, your long-distance travel, by Volvo car escort for you.On February 19th, in Chengdu Zhongsheng Womomwoer Exhibition Hall, XC40 pure electric P6 launch tasting event was a complete success. DIY flower arrangement, interactive games, car booking lottery, live dancing and so on made the trip worthwhile for friends.Chengdu Zhongsheng Womao Yangxi Store, sales hotline: 028-87504666, Address: No. 36 Xingke Middle Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu city.