You can always trust The Chinese women’s basketball team when they beat Mali by 20 points to secure their qualification for the World Cup

2022-05-01 0 By

The preliminary match of the Women’s Basketball World Cup continued, China women’s basketball team and Mali women’s basketball team had a showdown, the strength of the opponent is not so weak, but our strength is stronger.Finally, The Chinese women’s basketball team trounced Mali 84-64.In terms of statistics, China’s Huang Sijing scored 11 points, 14 rebounds and 8 assists, Li Meng scored 15 points and 6 assists, Li Yueru scored 21 points and 11 rebounds, Yang Liwei scored 13 points.Mali led by Kone with 10 points and nine rebounds, Dabo with 12 and Coulibaly with 15.From this kind of match can know a point, The Chinese women’s basketball masters, indeed still many.Also, many of them are FMVPS.These athletes are the pride and wealth of Chinese women’s basketball team. Because of their existence, it is certainly good for the development of Chinese women’s basketball team.The women’s team had finished 12th in Rio.When it came to the Tokyo Olympics, it was fifth.Moreover, many people also said that China’s women’s basketball team did not play well, otherwise they could have done better, not only to reach the final four, but also to win a medal.Unfortunately, in the quarter final, we did not play as expected.Anyway, for The Chinese women’s basketball team, the current battle force, or very good.At the same time, because China women’s Basketball team beat Mali women’s Basketball team, we also locked the qualification of 2022 Women’s Basketball World Cup in advance, which also made China women’s basketball team enter the World Cup for the 11th consecutive time (including the predecessor world Championship).This reality proves the achievements and glory of Chinese women’s basketball team.It cannot be denied that the current wave of Chinese women’s basketball players, the strength is very strong.At the same time, it is not clear whether Shao Ting is done with the national team or will continue to show up when it matters.Shao Ting as a veteran, as the captain of the women’s basketball, in the previous Olympic Games, or play a very good level.Of course, she’s old, too, and we don’t know if she’ll make it to Paris.Although, the time is only two years, but in two years to maintain the status is not very bad, that is also very difficult thing.After all, time and tide wait for no man.This is the same for anyone, as it is for Shao Ting.With the women’s basketball team beating Mali for the second consecutive win, many people said bluntly that for The Chinese women’s basketball team, they are the team you can always trust.Although, before the Olympic Games failed to enter the semifinals, Asian events also lost to The Japanese women’s basketball team, but it must be acknowledged that the overall strength of China’s women’s basketball team is still very strong.And in terms of the lineup, the age structure of the players, are still very young.That is to say, Tokyo Olympic Games, perhaps just a training stage, the real stage, should be Paris Olympic Games.At that time, this wave of young athletes will be more mature, both technically and mentally.I’m afraid the real result will be the result.Now?It’s just the beginning of the stage, which is still far from the actual stage.This, as a fan, should still know.You can always trust The Chinese women’s basketball team when they beat Mali by 20 points to secure their World Cup qualification.Such a Chinese women’s basketball team is indeed a team you can always trust.Anyway, keep watching the Chinese women’s basketball team, because this year, they have the World Cup to play.