6-5!Chinese women’s soccer miracle: the 119th minute, absolutely tied, upset Japan, wild celebration

2022-05-02 0 By

China beat Japan 6-5 in a penalty shootout in the women’s Asia Cup semifinal on Sunday morning.Throughout the game, the Chinese women’s football team played a fighting spirit let people move.The 119th minute, Wang Shanshan absolutely flat!Penalty shootout, Wang Shanshan won!Compared to the Chinese men’s football team losing 3-1 to Vietnam, the women’s football team played too well.The final will be held at 19 o ‘clock on February 6th, the Chinese women’s football team versus the Korean women’s football team!As we all know, The Japanese women’s football team is the former World Cup champion, although the strength has declined, but the overall strength is still very strong!The Chinese women’s football team suffered a huge blow before the game, wang Shuang because of injury out of the battle.For The Chinese women’s soccer team, the strength is greatly discounted.Throughout the game, The Japanese women’s football team had a lot of chances, and they did score first. In 26 minutes, the Japanese team crossed from the side, and No. 19 Uechi Riko headed the goal. In the first half, The Chinese women’s football team was 1-0 down.The second half, the tenacious Chinese women’s soccer team equalized!At the beginning of the second half, xiao Yuyi, the substitute, sent an assist and Wu chengshu equalized with a shot.After that, as the game progressed, The Chinese team’s strength declined significantly, but the defense held together. Of course, the Chinese team also had some luck, and after 90 minutes, the Chinese women’s football team held on to a 1-1 draw.Unfortunately, in extra time, China team made serious mistakes in the defense of the set piece. In the 103rd minute, Japan attacked from the set piece and China women’s football team failed to set an offside position. Riko Uechi headed the ball and scored twice.The 119 minutes, Wang Shan shan absolutely flat, the first time, her eyes red.Wearing the captain’s armband, Wang Shanshan’s contribution, 2-2!Since then, the Chinese team someone spell to cramp, but still hold 2-2, 120 minutes end of the game!In the penalty shootout, Xiong Gu Shaxi’s penalty kick was saved by Zhu Yu, but Zhang Xin’s penalty kick was wide, the aggregate score was 2-2!Second round, Hasegawa wei into, Zhang Rui also into, 3-3!The third round, clear water pear yarn penalty, Yang Lina also into, 4-4!In the fourth round, Nagano Wind flower penalty, Takashi in, 5-5!In the fifth round, Nan Menghua’s penalty kick was saved by Zhu Yu and Wang Shanshan scored, 6-5, the Chinese women’s football team won!For the first time in 6 years, The Chinese women’s football team beat the Japanese team!The Chinese women’s football team faced the Japanese women’s football team, ending the consecutive 5 embarrassing!The last time China beat Japan in the Asian Cup was in 2008.Now, 14 years later, The Chinese women’s football team has done it again!Girls are good, the competition kicked from the third day of the New Year to the fourth day of the New Year, The Chinese women’s football team brought a surprise!Under the leadership of Shui Qingxia, The Chinese women’s football team showed indomitable fighting spirit and attitude, which is not possessed by the Chinese men’s football team.