Chasing light: Zhang Weijian kind, Wu Zhenyu humor, Zhou Xiaoou introverted, Wu Jianhao omnipotent

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“Chasing the Light” is coming to the end, the performance of the four captains in the program is commendable, everyone has been praised and loved by teammates, everyone put out their best flash point.1, “see so Weijian” captain Zhang Weijian, a innocent face, every time to speak slowly, well founded, kind like the big brother next door, if not for the wrinkles on his face, really can not believe that he has been 57 years old, his face childish looks more like a 30-year-old boy.Zhang Weijian at the beginning of the stage nervous appearance, still vividly see, looking at other teammates one by one stage performance, he as an old veteran, the pressure is getting bigger and bigger, in the standby room like sun Wukong jump up and down, this stool turned to that stool, like an old urchin.His debut song, “I’m In Good Health,” was uneventful, but it revealed that after all the ups and downs and success, he wanted to tell everyone what was most important to him now, and that he wanted everyone to be healthy.Mr. Chang doesn’t share his pain, but judging by his choice of songs, he must have experienced something painful, both for himself and those around him.But seeing him singing happily on the stage now, I believe he has come out of those clouds.Cheung is the most nostalgic brother, with many popular roles, and he does not hesitate to perform for audiences on stage.He was nervous at the beginning, but after he became more and more familiar with the stage, he felt more and more like a king coming back. He was full of energy on every stage.And he has the courage to try, one public stage failure, two public stage victory, to the following three public four public victory, he walked step by step, difficult?Difficult, but difficult to fall back on him, this once in the bottom of the zhang Weijian tumble.2. Oh Jin-woo, the captain of Three Five, is the oldest brother but the youngest psychologically.I still remember the first time when the four captains put tough words on the stage, he put the longest tough words, the result was finally called a fool, because the others have only one tough words, he has four, a little difficult to his Mandarin.No wonder the host Shen Nan said, “It’s the first time I’ve seen someone who speaks Mandarin so poorly speak every word with a piercing heart.”That time, only to find that always play the villain he is actually a very humorous person.Perhaps because of his background as an actor, wu Zhenyu’s performance on the stage always has a thick story.Whether it is his individual stage, or the team stage, will join the performance color in it.Wu Zhenyu is best at acting. Singing and dancing are difficult for him. In his first stage, he could sing his bass love song word by word even though his pronunciation of Mandarin was not correct.Wang Xi said, “I’ve never seen brother Calm sing.”Zhang Xiaolong said, “He won’t sing unless he’s on the show.”On a public stage, his team chose to sing all the time, that is, to stand there quietly singing, he sang very deeply, really have to suspect that his understanding of the lyrics in the audience, is the way of acting to learn the lines.Every song he sings, he sings with a lot of emotion.No wonder Kinchen said, “One look is enough for him on stage.”Wu Zhenyu brother in the four captains of the biggest change, breakthrough is also the biggest.He not only sang, but also danced and played the drums. He could not keep up with his friends.In the face of sangong’s “life-and-death fight” stage, he was exceptionally hard, to knock each point, adhere to their own ideas, so as to keep the “Three Five” team can continue to shine on the stage.Big brother is here.Zhou Xiaoou, the captain of “JING A0209”, has a strong sense of change and says little, but every word she says is thought-provoking.As the original lead singer of The Band Black Panther, singing is thick rock flavor, not only said to make people think, sing the song is three days, lingering sound.His song “Love me or Not” directly filled the stage with heat.Many people like Zhou Xiaoou, not only because he sings good songs, but also because many of the roles he plays are loved by the audience.Although they are small cameos, but every one of them can be a household name.He was good at singing and acting, but dancing gave him a headache.But he not only moved on a stage, but also flew up. After the performance, I learned that he was afraid of heights.He and Wang Xi say: “actually change oneself also quite good, see oneself son return ability what, still can have what can dig.”So, at 53, he’s always looking to break through and conquer his instincts.Zhou Xiaoou looks very introverted and doesn’t say much, but he has a strong open attitude and is willing to accept all new things.He looked very slow and hot, he always wanted to be with the people he knew, such as in the room, clearly as the initiator, can enjoy a “sea view room”, but he would rather and Sha Baoliang crowded together.When playing the game, he was always in the state of watching the play, and always smiled like a child when he saw the funny place.He did not fight or fight, and tried to do his own thing, to help his teammates, what is not demanding, even his malicious words are the most gentle and the most brief: “Let’s meet on the stage.”He may not sing the strongest, acting the most dramatic, dancing is not the best among the four captains, but he is the most popular captain.4, “6 times the speed of Light” captain Wu Jianhao, the youngest of the four captains, the most handsome and dynamic one, he is all-round, so he has to change on the basis of all-round, it is very difficult for him, because everyone is used to his dancing, singing and acting.At the beginning of the stage, he showed the audience the most perfect Wu Jianhao, his ruthless words are: “there is no most ruthless words, only the most ruthless stage.”He was true to his word, and the 6 times light stage was the strongest of the four.Wu Jianhao constantly break through their own, the most beautiful stage, is he and Zhang Aoyue two people silk hanging stage, although dancing for him “a piece of cake”, but it is a dance and the floor contact, this time to leave the floor, jump in the air, said no difficulty is false.Silk hanging dance for Zhang Aoyue is not difficult, one is that he is young, the other is experienced.But for Wu Jianhao, he has been 43 years old, this silk hanging stage he first contact, but jump out of the aesthetic feeling not lose Zhang Aoyue.His age did not limit his pursuit of perfection, but let him continue to pursue perfection, Wu Jianhao is the best.The four captains lead the team members along the way. They shoulder more responsibilities than teammates. They not only need to balance the strengths and weaknesses of each member of the team, but also need to make each member confident to fight and win the first place.It’s important for them to be first, because that’s the only way to keep the whole team together.But they also remember that friendship is more important on the show.These months together, everyone’s biggest harvest must be overflowing screen friendship.