Handsome and good at fighting?Russ can’t get back to okC with him!

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The Oklahoma City Thunder lost 114-106 to the surging SAN Antonio Spurs in an NBA regular-season game today.But in the game, Thunder rookie Josh Giddy continued to show fans his amazing talent.He finished with 17 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists and a steal in 33 minutes and 26 seconds.It was his third straight triple-double, making him the first rookie to do so since Big O.It came just over a month after he set the record for youngest triple-double holder.So far this season, Giddy has played 53 games for the Thunder, averaging 12.4 points, 7.8 rebounds, 6.4 assists and 0.9 steals in 31.4 minutes per game. He is the third leading scorer on the Thunder roster behind SGA and Doerter.Giddy has shown some amazing basketball talent this season.Although his physical fitness is not outstanding, nor is his athletic ability top, but his game reading ability and basketball IQ are impressive.In recent period of time, in the team’s two big brothers SGA and Dolt are injured out of the situation, Giddy is alone, carry the team forward.He has also proved he is capable of absorbing more of the ball.With Giddy in the lineup, it’s safe to assume that westbrook’s return to Oklahoma City is dead in the water, as there are enough good ball handlers in the lineup that the Thunder won’t need any more of westbrook’s half-effective ball handling in the future.There’s a chance that all westbrook’s 3-point records will be broken by Giddy years from now.With Giddy, SGA, dort, if the Thunder can pick two or three more good recruits, their rebuilding will probably be complete soon.#NBA#