Snooker champion, 3-2, higgins in the tiebreaker, two brothers lost

2022-05-02 0 By

The snooker Champions League winners’ group final began, Higgins against “two brother” Bingham, finally, the champion came out, Higgins beat Bingham 3-2, and staged a big comeback in the decider, Bingham failed to win the title.This is the last match of the Champions League and the winner of the match will be the champion!Higgins made a comeback to eliminate Yan in the semifinals, while Bingham edged Out Liang wenbo 3-2 (Liang was also given a straight loss in the first set for being late).Higgins and Bingham are world champions, TOP16 players, especially Higgins, he is one of 75 three, grand Slam players, has excellent ball ability, and the two in the previous more than 20 times of the match, Higgins won 17, the advantage is quite obvious, said he is Bingham’s Nemesis, it is not too much.However, the final was still best of five sets, still short and haphazard, giving Bingham a chance to win.Higgins took the lead in the first frame, with a single of 50 turning to the defence, before bingham failed in a chase and higgins took it again, 84-6.In the second game, Bingham 28 points interrupted, after continuous defense, Higgins in the bag of red ball again hand, single stroke 82 points, 83-28 reversal again next city, 2-0 to get match point.Bingham broke for 26 in the third frame and then made 38, but continuity was so poor that Higgins came back to 2-38, missing Tiku black ball, and Bingham broke back for 59-2.In the fourth frame, Bingham scored 110 and drew 2-2.In the tiebreaker, Bingham took the lead and lost 44 points in a single stroke. Higgins won 88 points in a single stroke and won 3-2.