Tank 100 not working?Let’s see if JEEP’s new Freedom 1.3T is as good as the Jimney

2022-05-02 0 By

To be honest, many people don’t think about other brands at all until the latest Jimney is announced.After all, jimney’s understanding of cross-country almost includes all the preferences of cross-country people among hundreds of thousands of levels. It is not too much to say that Ta is the ceiling.However, after announcing the price of more than 300,000 yuan, I suddenly felt that the ceiling of Ta seemed to become a price. When it comes to this level, the products you can choose really have little to do with Jimney.When it was announced that the tank 100 would soon be released as a rival to Jimney, the enthusiasm of the audience was ignited during the Spring Festival and quickly dampened on the first day of the New Year.Tank brand official “refute” : we do not plan to do this in 2 years.So what?Jeep has just released a new version of the Jeep Freedom, and the Ta’s real car has been spotted on the streets of Brazil. It is said that the new car will be officially unveiled on February 10, and will be introduced to The country in the future.The new Jeep Freedom will be available in two versions, a high-performance Trailhawk version and a regular version, according to official images and the latest photos.The difference is that the Trailhawk’s orange trim on the front bumper has been removed, but the wheels have been replaced with a larger 19-inch rim.However, it is quite similar to the version sold in China before, such as the daytime running lights with circular LED and the circular front lights, which are almost the same as the current version.But a closer look at Jeep shows that the size of the iconic front grille has been reduced, which also makes the lights look bigger.The rear of the car is a new shape, the shape of the tail lamp group further evolution, can present a new X light effect, the rear door switch is also synchronized adjustment for the external design, which is also a landmark change to the development of hard.There’s been a lot of speculation as to whether the new Jeep Liberty will have a levitating center screen, which is what all current models have.You may be disappointed, however, that even though the new guide has a very similar three-spoke multi-function steering wheel and a full LCD dashboard, the top model only has an 8.4-inch center screen.In terms of power, the overseas version has always had a 1.8-liter gasoline engine and a 2.0-liter diesel engine, but this time it has been changed to a 1.3-liter engine.The 1.3-ton engine has a maximum power of 134 kw and a peak torque of 270N·m, similar to the domestic version.In terms of transmission, the new overseas Free Man two-drive version is matched with a 6-speed automatic transmission, and the four-wheel drive version is equipped with a 9-speed automatic transmission.Ghost truck view: It looks like jimney is getting closer and closer, but I don’t think Ta can compete with Jimney and shine in the off-road circuit, what do you think?