Unique style, full personality

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With winter almost upon us, let’s meet DINT NEW EDITION that feels comfortable right now.Winter is coming and it’s time to change your mind about hiding your body’s contours!Belt can be fixed waist line, can maintain slim outline while achieving point modeling.Let’s add warmth to our fashionable look with warm fur hoodie designs.The filler I’ve been looking for for the winter!The shorter length can create a variety of shapes, and the fur neckline will welcome a softer, warmer winter.Also, how do you add a sensual look with a quilted pattern, which is fast becoming a FW trend?02 Lamb hair project this season’s most popular artificial material single product!It is a long coat made of artificial materials. It feels very comfortable at a glance.Create a unique mood of the shawl design, can be used as a daily single light wear.If long feels heavy, we recommend a short book jacket.It is an attractive book jacket that stands out even in color and is easy to pack lightly as a jacket item with a sense of length.Add leather to the collar for a more stylish look.The book liner jacket project, which maintains a more perfect silhouette by adding cushions on the shoulders, may seem a bit excessive!Unique collar design creates a unique mood.Let’s use a variety of colors that stand out more in winter to complete a jacket with different atmospheres.I have at least one wool coat in winter.This coat is recommended for those looking for a basic but slim silhouette.Let’s create a colorful point style like Dint’s style, and match the pants with the sense of color to show the perceptual style.Gold button detail coat item that brings classic charm to the extreme!Lettering details throughout the coat line add to the unique atmosphere.It is a very attractive coat item, with long warmth and practical pocket details.DINT NEW EDITION, this winter presents a unique mood styling!How about getting ready for this winter with Dint looks with extra details?This issue is to talk about here, xiaobian is basically a single set of collocation from fabric to technology to wear interpretation, your idea may be the theme of my next period.If you have any questions about collocation, please leave them in the comments section.Keep an eye on Sivan.