Zibo Zichuan District Experimental Kindergarten to carry out the Lantern Festival online theme activities

2022-05-02 0 By

In order to let children fully experience and feel the infinite charm and fun of Traditional Chinese culture, On February 13, Zibo City Zichuan district experimental kindergarten to carry out “our festival • Lantern Festival” theme education activities.Yuanxiao knowledge I know.Teachers organize children and their parents to watch the courseware and video together to let children know the origin of the Lantern Festival, the Lantern Festival is the first important traditional festival after the Spring Festival, and the Lantern Festival includes eating yuanxiao, enjoying lanterns, guessing lantern riddles and other festival customs.Rub yuanxiao taste yuanxiao.Through online guidance, let children and parents work together to make yuanxiao, starting from dough, let children in the process of their own hands to perceive the production process of yuanxiao, taste the joy of labor in yuanxiao, experience the good atmosphere of the festival.Read dumplings and Tangyuan together.Eating dumplings in Spring Festival and tangyuan in Yuanxiao is a long-standing festival custom of the Chinese nation. By reading picture books, let children understand the similarities and differences between dumplings and tangyuan, and further develop children’s observation and language expression ability.Feel the festive atmosphere of the Lantern Festival.Make lanterns by skillful hands.Every Lantern Festival, every family will hang all kinds of lanterns, colorful, interesting.Children in under the guidance of teachers and parents together, using the existing materials Lantern Festival in the home, under the kid’s hand draw, each one vivid lanterns arises at the historic moment, through the class of share, in the form of the children enjoy a online lanterns will feel thick festal atmosphere, experience the fun of the traditional handmade.Through the online theme activities of “Our Festival • Lantern Festival”, children’s multiple senses are fully mobilized in various forms of activities, so that children can feel the joy of the Lantern Festival by looking, talking, doing and tasting, and also let the traditional customs quietly infiltrate children’s hearts like gentle wind and rain.(Correspondent Han Dan) Source: Lu Net