A man in Hohhot desperately seeks a wife after running away from home after an argument

2022-05-03 0 By

Hohhot Mr Zhang to see calls every day, said he and his wife had a quarrel on February 12th day, after his wife ran away from home, I thought his wife dying away went home, but this in the past four or five days, his wife still no news, Mr. Zhang is very try so hard, the hope friends in front of the TV set to provide some clues.At this point, Mr. Zhang felt a little regretful that he should have treated his wife better that day.Mr. Zhang said his wife, Zhang Huaixiu, ran away after the couple had an argument over clearing snow.Mr. Zhang said, his wife Zhang Huaixiu suffers from mental illness, always angry before running away from home, his wife will not use a mobile phone, will not spend money, more unable to communicate with people normally, so the first few run away, also not far.But this time, he had not been home for four or five days, and he was worried.The name of Mr. Zhang’s wife is Zhang Huaixiu, 58 years old, about 1.65 meters tall, a little fat, with a Sichuan accent. She was wearing black and blue trousers, green cotton-padded jacket and blue wool hat when she went missing. She suffered from mental diseases and could not communicate with people normally.Tips can be obtained by calling The daily News hotline at 0471-6953000 or by contacting Zhang’s relatives at 15548773128.Source: NMTV News Daily Watch Editor: Qiao Hong