After a lapse of 2 years into the national football team hope!At 26, the winger could play against Japan’s best right wing

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As the Spring Festival of 2022 approaches, our Chinese football team has once again set foot on the journey to reach the World Cup.China will play second-placed Japan away on The 27th of this month.With five points and second from the bottom of the group, China has only a theoretical chance of qualifying for the World Cup after a poor six games with one win, two draws and three losses.But there is a glimmer of hope we can not give up, if this game we can perform a miracle to beat the Japanese team, then the National football team into the World Cup suspense will continue.But it’s not easy to beat Japan.Because first of all our overall strength and The Japanese team is quite different, the other side to stay in Europe can form 3 teams, and we have only One wu Lei in Europe, and still can not play the game.So we’re definitely going to be a little bit behind each other in terms of individual ability, pace and tactical understanding.Second, in the past 20 years, China has never won a game against Japan, with 5 draws and 6 losses.Third, judging from the first leg between us, the Chinese team was demoralized and under a lot of pressure from the public because of the 3-0 defeat to Australia in the opening match.So in this game adopted a counterattack attack fiercely defend the attitude of points.So also let us see nearly 20 years of the National football team against the Japanese team’s worst scene, the audience was suppressed, almost suffocating.However, the final result was a 0-1 defeat, and The Japanese team although dominated, but the absolute creation of few chances, especially their better in the middle of the attack, little play.Instead is a wing player’s wonderful play, so that they captured the opportunity to complete the Chinese football team.The game-changing player was their 14th winger, Junya ITO.When Japan’s attack was slow to become a threat, winger Junya ITO grabbed the ball and forced China’s left back Wang Shanchao to complete the cross, the central yu Yong also steal the goal.And the reason why Yi Dongchun can succeed in addition to his own speed, breakthrough change to the rhythm of the fast, but also with the Chinese national team left back position weak ability has a relationship.Although we all agree that this is a good position for Wang, but Wang does not play this position in the league, it is the right back.Although Wang can make a steady performance through his own experience, he is not used to being a defensive breakthrough in high-level matches against opponents with higher abilities.”I always have the feeling that I can score goals. My job is to be directly involved in scoring goals. I hope to help the team by scoring goals or making assists,” ITO said.It can be seen that he is very confident about the left defense of the National football team, at least feel that Wang Can not defend himself.In fact, the left back position of the problem we do not know, just do not know how to solve.Since the injury of li Xuepeng, the main force of the left back, there is a talent gap in this position.Even the guangzhou team, which always excavates talent, could not get a big fish in the transfer market to supplement the gap brought by Li Xuepeng’s injury.Even they are the ones who have tried to supplement the position by revamping players for years in a row.And the national team is also short of personnel in this position, completely unable to find anyone with Li Xuepeng can run, can rush, can pass.Fortunately, Li Lei of Beijing Guoan rose up later, but Li Lei could only run compared to Li Xuepeng, and the other two were just so-so, but he had strong running ability up and down, which at least made our defense more stable.But unfortunately, with the growth of age in the past two years, Li Lei has too many injuries, the match of the top 12 matches also happened to catch up with his injury, he did not play a minute.So there was really no one available at the last position, so the veteran Wang had to play it.But that is Li Tie’s choice, now Li Tie has been dismissed, the new commander Li Xiaopeng will not have their own ideas for this position?Or successfully finding someone who can play that position.At present, Li Xiaopeng is likely to have made his choice, and he will basically use a new person in this position.The newcomer is Liu Yang, the leading left-back of Chinese Super League champion Shandong Taishan.In fact, this is not the first time Liu Yang entered the national football team.As early as three years ago in the United Arab Emirates Asian Cup, when Li Xuepeng was injured and could not play for the national team, the then national football coach chose the then very young left back Liu Yang.After liu Yang entered the National team, he immediately became the main force of the national team. He started all 5 matches of the Asian Cup.It shows how much lippi trusted the young player.Though Liu wasn’t particularly impressive, he was strong, young and able to run, and at least defensively helped China stand on its feet.This season, Liu Yang has become the dominant left back for Shandong Taishan, starting 16 of 25 games for the team, scoring 2 goals and 3 assists, which is pretty good.And with age, Liu has matured a lot both defensively and offensively.And after winning the title with Shandong Taishan, it also helped his confidence a lot.The most important thing is that Li Xiaopeng was the coach of Shandong Taishan Team. He knew liu Yang very well and also knew how to use Liu Yang better.So it is very likely that Li Xiaopeng will use Liu Yang to play the left guard.So will the younger, stronger and more able runner Liu Yang be able to defend against fast horse Junya ITO?Do you have confidence in Liu Yang?Feel free to join us in the comments section!If you want to know more about sports, follow us