During the epidemic, seize the best opportunity to surpass peers!

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Graduate students who do this during the pandemic will definitely stand out later.The first is to read literature well, improve their writing level;Secondly, learn some SCI related skills to improve themselves in an all-round way.Finally, start planning the essay you need to write, and start writing.Winter and summer vacations are a great time to improve yourself quickly, when most students will let their guard down and start slacking off.But if one wants to grow up fast, one must seize this period.For graduate students, they can improve and enrich themselves through the following aspects.Writing skills are a long process of accumulation, so it is necessary to prepare in advance, especially for SCI papers, which are more difficult to write because you are not your mother tongue.Then it is more necessary to accumulate time to learn professional vocabularies and terminology expressions in the professional field.This is the level of academic people, if you want to write a high-level article, then you must practice.SCI related skills, such as data analysis and scientific mapping, are also important, which are not required to be learned in addition to writing.Understand these, you will be a tiger, submission will be very smooth.As they say, clothes make the man.A paper is an experiment by doing, but most of it is still up to you to package, scientific and good-looking chart is definitely a magic weapon to attract editors.To do the above two, you have to start planning how to write an article. First of all, you must work hard on the document framework and design, and then start to write, it is relatively simple.So how to design, you have to look at the same type of literature, extract their framework, if you are a preparation, you go to the preparation of the article, how to place the experimental data, and so on.Whether you’re writing a review or a research paper, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to plan it.Late contribution, absolutely no problem, the basic can contribute successfully.Xiaobian every morning at home will read literature, print some English books.In the afternoon, I will have a rest. In the afternoon, I will start to learn software drawing with the official account, or check which WEBSITES are necessary for SCI writing.Evening began to write an article, at this time the brain thinking more full, this is my day!Once again, a full vacation will enhance your graduate career.A slack vacation can make your graduate years worse!We are all human, so we must work hard!