How hard did the teacher fight to “not publish” the grades?Every subject becomes multiple dishes, “all by guessing”

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Guide language: the Ministry of Education waits for 6 departments jointly to print and distribute “compulsory education quality evaluates guidebook” point out, to reduce burden to the student, take the appropriate measures to reduce work quantity and work time, strict control takes an exam number, do not announce exam result and rank.In order to respond to the policy, teachers dare not release students’ scores, but if students do not know their own scores, can not understand their strengths and weaknesses, let alone targeted training.Recently, a teacher in charge of the second day painstakingly, sorted out a student performance table.When parents see the report card full of code words, they suddenly feel like a feast of fruits and vegetables and understand the teacher’s good intentions.How hard did the teacher fight to “not publish” the grades?Each subject becomes many kinds of vegetables, “all rely on guess” to see this report card, the teacher will each branch of the first word all with homophonic fruits and vegetables instead, the exam results with fruit and vegetable prices instead, the total result is to deal with the vegetable prices.If you do not explain that it is a score sheet, you will think that it is a list of vegetable prices in some place.Some unwitting netizens ask why there is no chemistry.Chemistry is an additional subject in the third year of junior high school. As a student in the second year of junior high school, he has not yet started to learn chemistry.Some netizens joked that even if they used a code word, they would also be doomed if they were reported by an unreasoning parent.More net friends will comb out the results of each subject, call this teacher’s sense of responsibility is too strong.If the head teacher is so well-intentioned and also reported, it may make the head teacher no longer care about the students.Students who do not pay attention will be reported irresponsible, and students will be reported to leak test results.Do good and bad will be criticized, will cause the teacher to have “more than less” psychology.Most teachers are very responsible to students and hope that students can achieve better and better results under their leadership.Now there are a lot of teachers say that teachers are not good when they meet parents who identify with teacher education. If they meet parents who mess around, teachers are not only worried about offending parents, but also worried that they will lose their jobs. They are afraid of being reported by parents accidentally.With such educational background and parents on both sides of the attack, there will be more and more teachers who want nothing.Teachers used to have a ruler, but now they dare not touch a hair on a child’s head.Even if a student makes a mistake, the teacher is afraid to shout at him.Students come to school to learn, do things other than learning is certainly not in line with the identity of students, teachers are obliged to remind and correct students.As parents spoil their children too much, they are afraid of melting in their mouths and breaking in their hands. Teachers also need to earn money to support their families and keep their jobs.There are also disadvantages for students and parents.Some netizens broke the news that my friend’s husband and wife are both highly educated talents, one with a master’s degree and the other with a doctor’s degree. The school never announced the results of their child, and only knew that their child was a poor student in the third grade.Parents are excellent students, children are said to be influenced by what they see and hear from childhood, academic performance should be top, no matter how bad it will be medium level, never expected to be in the ranks of poor students.Netizens have mixed opinions about the MOE’s policies, with most saying exam results should be made public.The exam results have come out, has become a foregone conclusion, escape is useless, it is better to face calmly.No matter good or bad, to a certain extent, it can exercise children’s psychological quality.In recent years, there are often media reports that some people do not have strong psychological quality to commit suicide, but also some graduates just entered the society, because they can not adapt to the society and choose to escape, to their own slaying knife.People’s psychological quality is the need to cultivate from childhood, strong heart is to be thoroughly tempered.Exam scores are only a reflection of students’ recent efforts, not a complete determinant of their future life.Exam results can let students know their own advantages and shortcomings, in the later review can have the focus, weak subjects put more energy, top-notch subjects need to maintain.Even if the school does not publish the results, there are times when students have to face the results, such as the primary school entrance examination, the grade increase and the college entrance examination results.If parents know their children’s real learning level only after the three important test results come out, it is useless to make up for them.Who is afraid to face the grades?Is it a student or a parent?A teacher or a school?This system was created by a small number of parents.To some extent, the ranking of children’s academic performance is the ranking of parents’ face.Attend the parents’ meeting, the scenery is infinite forever is the parents of students with excellent grades, the face without light is always the parents of students with poor grades.Some parents even pray for their children to win the exam, even if they are not in the exam will be more nervous than their children.These parents regard their children as their name cards, hope that their children become successful, hope that women become successful, and put their unfinished wishes on their children.The pros and cons of schools not publishing scores are still up for debate. Whether the system is suitable for children’s growth in the future and whether it can cultivate children’s sound personality is unknown.