The most unforgettable part of Zhengzhou People’s Park is the elephant slide

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In that era of material poverty, people’s park is almost the only place for citizens to play, they recall, tell about, laughing…And in everyone’s memory, whether they were parents or children, the stone elephant slide has become the “most unforgettable” in the park.Ms. Li, who was born in 1980, told the reporter that her childhood memory of the park is an elephant, “strange ears, long nose, thick legs, this is zhengzhou people’s childhood testimony, several generations of dolls have played here.”The huge cement body, powerful ivory tusks and long nose are grounded. They enter through the door behind the elephant, climb up the narrow stone ladder, drill out of the hole, slide down from the top of the elephant’s trunk, and climb up the stone ladder without stopping.Up and down the elephant slide were always surrounded by cheering children.”I remember the first time I went there to primary school, and I was excited and nervous. For the first time, I dared not dive into the dark entrance, but FINALLY climbed to the top with the encouragement of adults, but I dared not slide down.But after a successful slide, I tasted the sweetness.Then I went to the park every chance I got, and the first thing I did was go on the elephant slide, and everyone scrambled up the slide, and remember how warm it felt!””I still like the old things: sika deer, statues of workers, peasants and soldiers, teahouses, half-pulled pot theater…”Before the founding of new China, Zhengzhou has no parks in the real sense.In order to meet the needs of leisure activities, in 1951, the municipal government decided to build a people’s park between Hu Gong Temple north of West Taikang Road and Peng Gong Temple east of Minggong Road.In August 1952, when the park was completed and officially opened to visitors, people’s Park became the earliest park in Zhengzhou, adjacent to Erqi Road and Minggong Road from east to west, becoming the back garden of the city center.At the beginning of the park’s opening, tickets were not sold. In January 1953, tickets were officially sold at 2 cents.After the establishment of the garden, jinshui River into the park, in the west bank of the East Lake to build cement arch bridge, the lake island pile rockery, the top of the thatched pavilion.At that time, the east gate of the People’s Park is a small earth hill, even so, but also temporarily meet people’s expectations of landscape.Until January 1980, the park from xinmi, Gongyi selected large strange bluestone, on the basis of the mountain piled up bluestone rockery, until today, bluestone rockery is still the east gate of the people’s Park the most attractive landscape.Editor: Zhi Sen