1000 meters long air runway, first-class “Mondo” prefabricated plastic runway……Yellow Dragon Sports Center returns after facelift

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As one of the venues with the heaviest task, the most competition items and the most complex organization and operation in Hangzhou Asian Games, the transformation of Zhejiang Huanglong Sports Center is also approaching the end of the period.Recently, the reporter walked into the Yellow Dragon Sports center stadium, feel the Asian Games atmosphere in advance, understand the latest “appearance” after the transformation.It is understood that the stadium, gymnasium and swimming and diving hall of The Yellow Dragon Sports Center will undertake the football, gymnastics (competitive gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, trampoline) and water polo competitions of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games and the track and field competitions of the Asian Para Games.This transformation has upgraded the stadium’s digital capability, service hardware and surrounding environment. It can be said that after more than two years of transformation, the sports Center has also comprehensively improved its comprehensive strength of software and hardware and the quality of public sports service.Walk up the stairs of the Huanglong Sports Center stadium, and you will see a new track.According to reports, in this transformation, the Huanglong stadium will be the original ground grass slope appropriately raised, combined with the east and west main entrance head to form a rolling green roof, on this basis, the construction of a 1000 meters long runway in the air.The air runway is made of homemade prefabricated plastic runway with a width of 3.1 meters, consisting of two standard runways 1.2 meters wide and two slow tracks.Staff said, in the surrounding supporting construction of a national fitness leisure platform, combined with the four seasons theme of the green, will be free in the near future open to the public.Walking towards the stadium, you can see the north and south towers of the stadium, which are familiar to the public, have been given a new mission as a towering “high definition screen in the sky”.It is understood that the large screen was designed by the design team of Disney’s fifth anniversary Phantom light show, and the video content can be clearly seen in the bright light.In the stadium, which can accommodate nearly 60,000 people, the reporter saw the transformation of all the seats were upgraded, using a more novel tone, with a sense of rhythm, and the new LOGO of Huanglong into them.In the middle of the grandstand seats, two screens can be seen, as part of an upgrade to the viewing experience.The stadium is equipped with two LED ring screens, the upper ring screen is 590 meters long, the lower ring screen is 490 meters long, the adoption of ring screen is very rare in China, is the first open stadium in the country.”In this renovation, the football lawn of Huanglong Stadium adopts the most advanced anchoring grass system in the world.”Zhejiang huanglong construction investment co., LTD., chief engineer, zhejiang huanglong sports center, head of the Asian games stadium renovation project installation Song Haiqiang said, it is the combination of natural with artificial grass lawn fiber, more strong than traditional lawn, trample, shovel, after use, is also much greater resilience, can satisfy the requirement of high frequency during the Asian games soccer tournament.What is more special is that this anchorage grassland land is the first one in south China, and there are only six in the whole country.In addition to the football grass, the stadium also has a special track.According to Song Haiqiang, in order to undertake the Asian Para Games track and field competition stadium track, Huanglong stadium using the international first-class “Mondo” prefabricated plastic track, superior performance, ecological environmental protection, the cost of about 1000 yuan/square meter, the whole track and field in line with the IAAF level 1 certification requirements.In addition, there are many Olympic elements, champion elements and sports elements in Huanglong area, such as champion chair downstairs and champion forest outside the stadium. So far, 17 Zhejiang Olympic champions have personally planted the golden laurel which means “picking gold and winning gold”.It is reported that the yellow Dragon center in the reconstruction of the construction of the champion building, aimed at strengthening the construction of sports culture, to create a display of the Spirit of zhejiang Olympic culture fortress.Last October, Yang Qian, Shi Zhiyong, Wang Shun and Guan Chenchen, four Zhejiang Tokyo Olympic champions, visited the champion building in person, donated commemorative items and pressed commemorative hand models, which is full of Asian Games atmosphere.Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com