4 message!Women’s basketball 2 people diagnosed, World Cup final 12 announced, Henson was reversed, with xi lock 27 consecutive losses

2022-05-04 0 By

Today, the association officially announced that two members of the women’s basketball team have been diagnosed with the disease, and even they will stay in the local area for observation, and their return to China has been postponed.In this case, Yao has made it clear: Not one.Even Yi publicly waited for their return.I also hope that the Chinese Basketball Association can arrange good medical treatment for them, they are the champion for the country, we must let them safely back home.Henson’s return to the team has been delayed, and he is largely unable to catch the third phase.Once Henson is out of the third period, it’s basically over for the season.Tianjin has reached a contract with Henson before, but unfortunately, because of the problem of Henson’s flight, he has been in great trouble.Now Tianjin is ready to go to the third stage with the current lineup, and they are ranked 14th, want to enter the playoffs is very difficult.And the final 12 women’s basketball teams have been announced: Serbia, Australia, South Korea, Nigeria, France, Canada, Japan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the United States, Belgium, Russia and China.With this squad we can still finish in the top three.After all, our progress in the preliminary round is some, the three-point percentage is improved, the team speed is better, this is a good phenomenon.There will likely be continued humiliation on Xi’s side.Because on current trends, the first two games require games against Zhejiang and Shanghai, which are basically unbeatable.But with west Heat back, they will play Jiangsu in the third game, and tongxi could still win by then.It’s a 27-game losing streak, and it’s been a shame for tongxi this season.I can’t help it. There are too many injuries.