Completely different from huawei p50pocket, the honor folding screen sold out for the first time

2022-05-04 0 By

When it comes to foldable phones, huawei is probably on everyone’s mind as well as Samsung.Previously, Huawei launched the P50 series of foldable screen products — Huawei P50 Pocket, and Honor also officially announced their new folding machine in the near future.Different from the logic of the past, the glory MagicV directly leap-forward, positioning the flagship folding new, face huawei Mate X2.However, compared with huawei’s price of nearly 20,000 yuan, the honor’s new phone starts at 9,999 yuan.In the subsequent opening of the first sales, MagicV once set an unprecedented sales record, the popularity of the amazing.Since MagicV official announcement, honor executives said the new machine “a in place” attitude.At present, the quality of each folding screen in the market is uneven, from three thousand yuan to one thousand yuan oppo, including huawei p50pocket, there are shortcomings.In this regard, Honor from the screen, performance, form, experience, service and other aspects of the depth of improvement, innovation, improve the quality of the machine.The Honor MagicV is arguably the closest thing to a perfectly foldable screen.Screen: The Honor MagicV has a 6.45-inch 21:9 screen, similar in size to a typical flagship phone, with a golden ratio that gives it a better feel.When unfurled, the new phone has a 7.9-inch screen with a wide field of view and is just the right size.In terms of parameters, MagicV exterior screen has 120Hz ultra high refresh rate, nano crystal panel, no pressure for daily use.The inner screen adopts magnetically controlled optical coating, with very low reflectivity.Dual screens are equipped with 1920Hz dimming, 1.07 billion colors and other configurations, leading the color effect in the industry.Performance: the new phone is powered by the snapdragon 8 Gen1 processor, which is far superior to similar products such as huawei p50pocket and Samsung Fold 3. It is also the only foldable phone with qualcomm’s top chip.In addition, honor’s signature chip depth optimization technology is also built in, which can be combined with “3 Turbo” to comprehensively improve the user experience and feel the shock performance.Form: Honor is a floating droplet hinge with more than 200 precision components, allowing for a seamless body when closed and a smoother screen when unfolded.Experience: Glory MagicV first glory Magic UI 6.0 system, built-in a number of unique optimization technology, anti-aging performance is far beyond the same level.In addition, it can adapt better zoom rate for APP in split screen, so as to achieve perfect dual-screen experience.Service: If you purchase the new honor folding screen, you can enjoy honor VIP Plus service. You can use the VIP channel of service stores with 1-to-1 service consultants and enjoy the courtesy of engineers.On January 18, honor officially sold the new aircraft for the first time, and the inventory was almost instantly sold out, completely exceeding Honor’s expectations.The phone is now in the second round of pre-orders, waiting for the next replenishment to go on sale.To sum up, users who are considering huawei p50pocket and other foldable screen products may wish to have an in-depth understanding of MagicV on honor’s official website. In the face of a price difference of only more than 1,000 yuan, the latter is obviously a better choice.