Drugstores, farmers’ markets…These places in this area need to strengthen epidemic control

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Yellow River News (reporter Zhou Yuli) February 24, Taiyuan Xinghualing District Market supervision administration issued “six measures” to further strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work.Strengthen epidemic prevention and control measures in key sites and screen controls further strengthening catering enterprises and two small stores, cold-chain food enterprises, agriculture (set) trade market, pharmacy, etc. The testing temperature of key sites, check the health code and stroke code, standard personnel register, wearing masks, ventilation, daily disinfection, prevention and control measures, such as “one-meter line”According to the requirements of “limit, reservation and staggered peak”, the reception capacity shall not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity.We will urge key locations to strengthen multi-point trigger monitoring and early warning mechanisms.Health monitoring and nucleic acid sampling of employees will be strengthened in key locations, and enhanced vaccination of COVID-19 vaccines will be urged to be completed.Strengthen the control of cold chain food and imported fruits. All imported frozen and refrigerated meat (water-bearing products) entering Xinghualing District must be subject to general warehouse management before storage, production, sales, processing and use, so as to ensure that “all imports must be inspected, all imports must be eliminated, and all people must be prevented”;All qualified products must be posted to trace the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code before being marketed for sale, so that the source can be traced, the whereabouts can be traced, closed-loop management;On the basis of completing COVID-19 vaccination, all cold-chain food practitioners must take nucleic acid tests once a week, carry out operations in accordance with operating specifications under strict protective conditions, and implement closed loop or closed management.Strengthen the control of farmers’ markets Urge and guide farmers’ markets to fulfill their primary responsibility for food safety and epidemic prevention and control.Electronic temperature measuring equipment installed at the entrance of the market must retain the image, the special person is responsible for supervising and guiding the employees and customers to scan (bright) code temperature measurement before entering the market, and wear masks.Market employees shall carry out self-health monitoring every day, wear masks, gloves and work clothes during work, and be equipped with enough hand sanitizer to ensure the normal operation of water supply facilities such as faucets. Quick-drying hand disinfectant or inductive hand disinfection equipment can be equipped when conditions permit.The market shall establish a sound disinfection system and uniformly organize the operators of all facades, shops and stalls to do a good job in environmental sanitation and disinfection every day.Reinforcement is urging drugstore drugstore controls for workers, wearing masks, places ventilation, ventilation, xiaosha epidemic prevention and control work, should also be prepared for all store staff wearing masks, measuring temperature, check the health code, code, and stroke code shows nearly not in high-risk areas researchers within 14 days before the shop to buy medicine;Drug buyers whose body temperature exceeds 37.3℃, health code is abnormal (yellow or red), trip code is abnormal, or they have been in and out of medium-high risk areas in the recent 14 days are not allowed to sell drugs, and they are persuaded to go to fever clinic of medical institutions, and the information of drug buyers is collected and the information of abnormal drug buyers is registered.And immediately report to local epidemic prevention and control departments and market supervision departments;For the elderly who do not have smart phones and cannot show their health code or travel code, they can use “window” no-contact sales and prohibit the sale of “one refund and two anti-drugs”.Strengthen the control of catering units and “two small stores” urge and guide catering service units and “two small stores” to fulfill the main responsibility of food safety and epidemic prevention and control.Large catering enterprises installed electronic temperature measurement equipment and retained images.The catering service units and the “two small stores” require customers to wear masks, take their temperature and show their health code and travel code when entering the business premises. They are not allowed to receive customers in any abnormal situation and report to the local community.Keep the place disinfected and ventilated, and actively advocate consumers to save food, oppose waste, and use public spoons and chopsticks.One meter line shall be set at the cashier desk and buffet table, and personnel shall be kept away from each other.All catering service units and the “two small stores” shall strictly implement the purchase inspection, certificate and ticket management system, especially the import of frozen goods shall check the product entry qualification and the green code of taiyuan general warehouse, and shall not operate imported frozen goods without the general warehouse.Food and beverage processing and production should comply with the “Food and Beverage Service Food Safety Operation Code”, so as to cook thoroughly cooked food, separate storage of raw food, thorough cleaning and disinfection tableware.Strengthen health management of employees, implement the morning check-up system for employees, and wear neat work clothes and hats and masks when working.Strictly control the scale and frequency of such events, control the number of people, and implement prevention and control measures such as ventilation and disinfection in accordance with the principle of “not holding such events when they are not necessary, and the responsibility of those who hold them shall be borne by them.”Prevention and control plans should be formulated for events with more than 50 people, and no more than 10 people are encouraged to attend family dinners and gatherings. It is recommended that “weddings should be delayed, funerals should be brief and banquets should not be held”.