Leiyang brand rules of play

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Game rules 1. Match cards: touch cards, if the card is just a pair of cards in hand, you must put the cards by hand on the table 2.Stinking cuddle: after endure touch, cuddle card again.Called Fan Keng.Smelly Russia must express: 3 card: card, if the spleen is just in the hand of a card, you must put the card by hand on the table!On, must be exposed to the public.4 touch card: when others play or save cards in their hands have a pair, you can touch cards, touch cards on the table 5.Run card: when others play or touch the cards in their hands have a barrier, or have nestled cards, you can run cards, you can run cards.6 touch cards, in addition to nestled cards and cards, must first express, in the case of others do not touch or do not run can eat cards.7 endure touch: when there is a chance to touch cards, and did not touch, known as endure touch 8 run: when running cards more than 1 times, known as eight fast.If ran small two, and then run small three, called heavy run.At this time do not play cards out from the hands, and to let the next touch cards.9 eat cards out of the home or touch their own brand after no one touch cards or run cards, can be combined with their own hands into a sentence, or grain cards, put on the table, known as eating cards,10.Zhang: when there is a chance to eat, touch, but he did not eat, touch the card, known as zhang, zhang after he can not eat, touch the same piece, until the end of the game.11 fire: when the cards to eat hand, must be in the hands of the card according to the combination of dishes, also to 12.For every card entered, one must be played, except for the replay.Two, Hu card 1. Interest: touch small card for 1 Hu, big card 3 Hu, nestled small card 3 Hu.Big 6, running 6.Big 9 hu Xi;Draw the small card 9 hu Xi, the big card 12 hu Xi.A word small 1.2, 3 or 2.7, 10 have 3 hu xi 1, 2.3 or 2, 7, 10 have 6 hu xi, other no meaning, there is no rest.2. Etc. : Starting from 10 hu xi, 10 hu 2 points.11-15 1 points, 16-19 2 points, 20=24 4 points.21 hu queen every three hu one bonus (21 hu 3 points).After 21 hu every three hu plus (21 hu 3 points)3. A kind: such as a word, a grain of cards, a touch: a mention, a lean: a run called 1 kind.When there is a run or raise, a pair of cards can be called a subclass.4. Hu card: meet the following conditions can hu card B, hand and table card combination has 7 doors.C, hu card can hu Hu after the public display card or other people play cards, hu over a piece, hu or others to touch, run cards.Do not draw cards that anyone raises or cuddles.5. Take the shot.1. Red Hu: Hu meets the requirements of 13(more than or equal to) more than 2 times of red characters,2.Black hu: Hu meets all the cards are black words, 2 times.3. Tianhu: Dealer Hu Liang Zhang card, 2 4. Ground Hu: Idle home Hu Zhuang played the first card, 2.