Light show, science show…Chinese New Year is celebrated in Shanghai’s Haichang Ocean Park

2022-05-04 0 By

Xinmin Evening News (reporter Yang Huan) See orca, travel tiger transport, Shanghai Haichang with more cultural creative way to welcome the Lunar year of the tiger.On January 28, by the Shanghai tourism culture and tourism bureau launched the guidance of Shanghai studio, five new town (haichang) live underwater point, haichang Ocean Park in Shanghai, “tide play Shanghai mermaid light screens,” underwater display, underwater performance, such as underwater light show the live underwater winter jasmine, celebrate the year of the tiger “, “le hi holidays huge posters in underwater spread out,Welcome the Year of the Tiger with online and offline visitors!Invite local tourists to spend the Spring Festival in Lingang New Area and Shanghai Haichang.Photo: Shanghai tourism Broadcasting Studio five new cities (Haichang) underwater broadcasting points.Organizers for figure (the same below) “hi holidays, intangible new experience” is the Shanghai wen tour bureau launched holiday brand, four divers from Shanghai haichang Ocean Park to play in the tide, Shanghai mermaid light screens, 9 meters deep in the depths of the water open the giant banner, together with the online audience and offline tourists to greet the lunar New Year of the tiger.The classic mermaid Fairy Tale was staged, accompanied by a dazzling laser show, the mermaid princess made a stunning appearance underwater.The world’s first bionic whale shark also appeared in the Mermaid light cinema, high-tech behemoths appeared in the seven degrees of tilt immersive large exhibition tank, with thousands of rare fish side by side, so that the general public enjoy the magnificent magnificent blue ocean.As the year of the Tiger and the “same surname” of the killer whale is favored by the public friends, the year of the tiger to haichang to see the killer whale, tiger transport.The limited edition of “Orca Popular Science Show” has been officially unveiled, and the king orca family has made an impressive appearance to convey the strongest wishes of the Year of the Tiger.Photo: Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park opens a series of Spring Festival activities themed “Whale Jumping Tiger Jumping”.Underwater literary travel “new gameplay”, enabling literary travel “new space”.In March 2021, Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism and Lingang New Area Management Committee signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the cultural, tourism and Enabling New City, jointly shaping a world-class tourism destination.For the first time in the same year on November 14, Shanghai tourism studio set up in Shanghai haichang Ocean Park in the lingang new underwater tour promotion space (live underwater point), through text brigade underwater image display, underwater travel light show live performance, underwater tour introduce new underwater brigade creative promotion way, explore the digital text brigade creative marketing, help to build “new city”,Promote the brand image of Shanghai and Yangtze River Delta cultural tourism and empower the cultural tourism market.On the occasion of the Spring Festival, Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park will launch a series of Spring Festival activities themed with the theme of “Whale Leaping Tiger Leaping For Spring Festival”.