Slowly, we all become old people

2022-05-04 0 By

Early in the morning, the pedestrians on the long river dike in twos and threes, slowly forward, time seems to be slow like the old tree under the dike today can not see the change compared with yesterday, but in fact is in the growth, between boom and dry has been a season.Vegetation in autumn, people?Under the embankment there were scattered graves with weeds.Prosperous or lonely, people to the end but the loess is a pile of dust, is basically just ashes!When I think of this, I can’t help skipping a word — “hence”, old, old, past…Hometown, hometown, hometown…What do these meanings and words mean?Parting, passing away…What kind of pain is that?Tore heart crack lung, heartbreak…Many times not only can not say, more is nowhere to say!From a certain point of view, each of us may be an old friend to some people, whether in time or space.Thinking of this, the sense of distance and indifference is enough to break the warmth and calm of time.From the heart, resist to be an old friend.Not in time to die, dissipate in memory, no matter which are indifferent.And indifference is destined to be the blade of the blood, the heart is broken, broken.Shudder!Looking up at the old mottled elm tree, I think I am already an old man, dissipated in the misty memory.Shiver, in my heart!