Mother-in-law to son daughter-in-law pay wages, daughter-in-law refused to be beaten hospital, son divorced mother-in-law homeless

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Dr. John Berman has said that parental intrusion into a child’s marriage can turn family ties into mashed potatoes.It can be seen that parents’ excessive interference in their children’s family is the factor leading to their children’s unhappy family.Even sometimes, parents’ interference, but also the children’s family and marriage will be torn apart.Originally, blood is thicker than water, but in the end, it has become an enemy, cold and heartless than strangers.This is exactly what happens when parents interfere too much in their children’s families.01, control son became the habit of parents Yu Min never know, their choice of thousands of men, the last is a complete fool filial piety men.And she paid a terrible price for her impulse.When Yu min fell in love with her husband, he gave all his monthly salary to her mother-in-law.At that time, Yu Min had a good family, and her parents were kind to her and gave her some money from time to time. Therefore, when she lived with her husband, she did not care too much about money.Until they got married, the husband still gave most of his salary to his mother-in-law every month, leaving only a small part for himself to eke out a living.Without her husband’s wages, Yu had to support the family and raise the child by herself.Even after Yu Min gave birth to her husband’s son, her husband was still stubborn and insisted on giving his wages to her mother-in-law.Because the husband had been very helpless to cry, he did not give money to parents, parents will be noisy, a crying two noisy three hanging, he could not withstand.Yu Min was disappointed by her husband’s incompetence and foolish filial piety.She knew very well that her husband was willing to be controlled by his parents, and even controlling his son had become a habit of his parents, so to speak.If her mother-in-law asked her son to hand over his salary, Yu Min could not intervene.But the mother-in-law asked her this daughter-in-law also pay wages, but let Yu Min unbearable.The mother-in-law believed that her husband was the only child in the family and she herself was the head of the family, so she should be in charge of the salary of her son and daughter-in-law.Yu Min is not willing to, her mother-in-law incited his son to start.And the husband of foolish filial piety, in the mother-in-law’s three words incited, also angrily hit Yu Min.Yu was eventually pushed into a table, resulting in a fracture in hospital.While Yu min was in hospital, her husband confessed and apologized for many times, but Yu min kept a cold face and said nothing.When she got out of the hospital, she took the baby back to her parents’ home.After the body is unharmed, Yu Min took the house property certificate to recover the house decisively, and put forward a divorce with her husband.After all, she borrowed money to buy the house from her parents, who paid nothing and her husband only 50, 000 yuan.The husband is not willing, but Yu Min is no longer willing to accompany this foolish filial piety male endure.Although the husband person is good, do not spend a lot of time outside, but his foolish filial piety domestic violence, but enough to break all the feelings of husband and wife.03, son divorced mother-in-law homeless: I was wrong husband also want to take the children, but Yu Min threw out a stack of bills to raise the children, the husband suddenly had nothing to say.In the end, he had to bite the dust and sign a divorce settlement.After being evicted, the ex-husband had to pack his own luggage and left Yu min’s house with her mother-in-law in disgrace.At first, the former mother-in-law was stubborn and insisted that it was not her fault that Yu Min was not filial to her daughter-in-law.But after her son divorced and was forced to rent a house, the former mother-in-law accepted that she and her son were homeless.She once called Yu Min and apologized to him in tears for her mistake. She would not interfere in her son’s marriage in the future, hoping that Yu Min could remarry her son for the sake of the child.Yu Min, however, hung up the phone after listening to nothing.Because after the divorce, she just understand, from the foolish filial piety man, he was able to release and rebirth, she is no matter how will not repeat the same mistake.Parents’ interference in their children’s family and marriage will only bring their children’s family into a state of eternal ruin.Even if your parents eventually realize they made a mistake, no one is willing to pay for it anymore.Topic of the day: Do you think Yu Min’s divorce is a timely stop?