The key to a successful siege is to choose which city to besiege and determine the route of enemy reinforcements

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The battle of Yichuan was a successful example of “encirclement for aid” of the northwest field Army under the command of Marshal Peng Dehuai after nearly a year of hard defensive operations.Since it is “besieging the city for aid”, then choose to besiege the enemy in the end which city?And how to determine the enemy reinforcement route?These are the two key points.This article will share with you, we people’s Liberation Army northwest field army command, in the Battle of Yichuan how to determine the target of the siege?And accurately judge the enemy reinforcement route, so as to eventually win the battle.oneIn the summer and autumn of 1947, the People’s Liberation Army shifted from strategic defense to strategic offensive, and the Kuomintang troops were forced to shift to strategic defense. They divided their troops into Yan ‘an, Luochuan and Yichuan in an attempt to hold on to the cities and block the defensive posture of our troops marching southward.In view of the situation of enemy division deployment, the northwest field army commander according to the central Military Commission instructions spirit, determined to concentrate superior forces, each annihilate the enemy, the liberation of huanglong mountain area, threat Xi ‘an, back to hu Zongnan group to reinforce the forces of the Central Plains, direct cooperation with our army in the Central Plains.After careful analysis of the enemy’s position in various places, the northwest field Army commander determined the direction of the assault campaign.Peng Dehuai, commander of the Northwest Field Army and political commissary, and other leaders believe that:If yan ‘an is captured first, although the political impact is very great, but Yan ‘an defends the enemy’s two brigades, and is strongly fortified, can resist to wait for aid, our army must use the main force to attack, if huangling, Luochuan enemy reinforcements, is bound to attack not gram, and can not concentrate on the main force to annihilate enemy reinforcements, and will lead the war to shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia base areas;If we attack Luochuan first, the enemy will have four brigades in the main force. They can rely on their strong fortifications and transportation facilities to resist, and they will be in a stalemate.However, there are only two regiments defending the enemy in Yichuan, and the strength is weak, so our army can rely on the liberation area of Shaanxi-Gansu-Ningxia to cover our actions and rear supplies. Our 2nd column can cross the Yellow River to the west at any time, take part in the battle quickly, and can obtain direct support from the liberation area in the south of Shanxi.If our army besieging Yichuan, the enemy will certainly come to their aid. At the turn of winter and spring, before the thaw, the enemy reinforcements are not easy to build fortifications in the movement, but it is conducive to our army to annihilate its effective forces.Because yichuan is located in a very important geographical location, it is adjacent to the Yellow River in the east and luochuan and Fuxian in the west. It is a strategic location in the eastern Shaanxi, and hu Zongnan regarded it as the barrier of Guanzhong.Yichuan is like a nail between the huanglong district and the Liberated area of Shanxi suiyuan and Taiyue.If we pull out this nail and liberate the cities of Huanglongshan, we can further open up the connection with the northwest of Shanxi, consolidate the rear and create a favorable situation for the liberation of the northwest.Schematic diagram of The Battle of Yichuan After a thorough analysis of the characteristics of the enemy’s distribution of defense, on January 29, 1948, the northwest Field Army held a meeting of senior cadres in Mizhi County to study and determine the operational deployment of the Battle of Yichuan.The meeting finally determined: first with a force (the third, the sixth column each) siege yichuan, the mobilization of Huangling, Luochuan and other places of the enemy to aid;The field army concentrated superior forces, in the movement to destroy the enemy, and then captured the city of Yichuan.twoIn the analysis of our army besieging Yichuan, the enemy reinforcements of the road, the northwest field army commander keenly estimated that there are three: one is from Luochuan to Yichuan via Wa Zi Street.This is a road, convenient for large army mobile march, close distance, reinforcement is fast;Two is from Luochuan, Huangling via Huanglong to Yichuan, this distance is twice as far as the previous road;The third is from Luochuan, Huangling along the first road north of the Jinshi Temple liang to Yichuan.This road is not easy to be ambushed by me, but its high and steep mountain slope will cause heavy equipment to move difficult, the distance is also far.The commanders in the Battle of Yichuan judged that the enemy was most likely to take the first of these three paths.Because Hu zongnan was subjective and arrogant, trying to take care of both reinforcements and defenders, he ordered Liu to take the first road to help quickly break the siege of Yichuan.Accordingly, our army finally made a flexible operational deployment based on the enemy’s taking the first road and taking into account the other two roads.One of the key layout, reinforcements of yichuan if the enemy through the tile street of the annihilation plan;Prepared after two enemy reinforcements the route of the dozen aid method.3.After the two key points of “besieging the city for aid” (besieging the city for aid, besieging the place for aid) were determined, between February and March 1948, the Northwest Field Army of the People’s Liberation Army formally launched the “Yichuan Campaign” against the Kuomintang army in Yichuan City and Wazijie area of Shaanxi Province.In the battle of Yichuan, our army always mastered the rhythm of the battlefield, besieged, enticed the enemy, attacked and attacked the city, step by step, orderly.The specific operational tactics are to besiege the city and not defeat the city, to lure the enemy reinforcements out, first aid, after the siege.The northwest Field Army carried out its established tactics very well.They knew the key to the siege of Yichuan was to draw out Liu Kan’s troops in Luochuan and not to let the yichuan garrison run away.At the beginning of the campaign to attack, forcing the yichuan garrison desperate for help, when Hu Zongnan reinforcements out, reinforcements urgent to fight slowly, slow to fight.The first step is to surround and not attack and lure the enemy deep.On February 22, the third and sixth columns each moved towards Yichuan, clearing out the enemy’s reactionary forces around Yichuan and sweeping up the outlying strongholds.On the 24th, our army surrounded Yichuan and launched an attack. On the 27th, we broke through the outer defensive positions, occupied tiger Mountain, Wanling Mountain and other key points, compressed the defending enemy inside the city and forced the enemy to ask for help.Hu Zongnan to rescue the yichuan garrison, hurried to reorganize the 29th army commander Liu Kan along the Luoyi road to help lightly (go as expected is our army guess the first route).On the evening of the 28th, our troops broke through the western and northern walls of the city after repulsed the enemy garrison for several times. The enemy garrison retreated to mount Neqilang, but Liu Kan’s reinforcements moved slowly and did not enter the ambush circle.According to Peng dehuai’s instructions, General Xu guangda ordered the troops inside the city to take the initiative to withdraw from the city, in case Liu Kan took the excuse of breaking the city and withdrew. At the same time, he concentrated 9 brigades to quickly occupy the high ground on both sides of Wazijie and Tielongwan, and took a mobile defense to attract the enemy.General Xu Guangda’s second step is to surround the reinforcements.On February 29, the enemy reinforcements were eventually lured to Tielong Bay, more than 10 kilometers southwest of Yichuan, and entered the ambush circle.At that time, due to several days of snow, troops difficult to move, the second column because of a long distance did not reach the scheduled position in time, the first column took the initiative to seize the Wazijie south mountain, completely blocked the enemy’s road, to avoid delaying the aircraft.The third step is to annihilate the reinforcements and conquer Yichuan.On March 1, the northwest field Army launched a general offensive against the enemy reinforcements and wiped out the reinforcements at 17:00 that day.On the evening of the 2nd, our army launched a general attack on Yichuan, and wiped out the defenders of Yichuan the next day, and our army won a complete victory in the battle of Yichuan.In short, in the battle of Yichuan, the northwest field Army of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army accurately drew up the siege target according to the characteristics of the enemy’s defense.And accurately judge the enemy reinforcement route, so as to achieve the final victory of the battle.The Battle of Yichuan is a successful example of “besieging the city for aid”.We greatly admire the revolutionary veteran, who can accurately analyze the enemy’s situation, accurately determine the target of the siege and the location of the attack, thus successfully and smoothly guaranteeing the final victory of the campaign.At the same time, we should take over their lessons and strive for the early realization of the century-old dream of the Chinese nation.Yichuan battle scene this article by “old Wu Kan Guoxu today with” original, welcome to pay attention to, common learning, common progress!