520000 times!During the Spring Festival, 4,000 charging stations in Guangdong charged 10 million kilowatt-hours

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Yangcheng Evening News full media reporter Ma Can intern Zhao Xinzhuo correspondent Shen Dian 8, the reporter learned from the Guangdong Power Grid Company, during this year’s Spring Festival travel rush, guangdong region has put into operation nearly 4,000 public charging stations, a total of 519,700 times of charging service users, generating 10.863,000 kilowatt-hours of charging, up 147% year-on-year.Guangdong Power Grid Corporation has put into operation 500 charging piles in major high-speed service areas ahead of the Spring Festival travel rush, bringing the total to more than 1,800.At the Guangzhou Zengcheng Licheng Service area of the Pearl River Delta Ring Road Expressway, eight new charging piles have been installed to realize intelligent and quick charging ahead of the Spring Festival travel rush.”There are two 480-kilowatt thermal charging piles and six 120-kilowatt conventional charging piles, which can charge 16 electric vehicles at the same time and can be fully charged in half an hour.”Guangzhou zengcheng power supply bureau Marketing Department salesman Li Jinshi said.The reporter understands, guangdong power grid electric automobile service co., LTD., the implementation of “super charge + in electricity”, during the Spring Festival in expressway service area “tidal” charging channel, namely based on two-way charging case, site owners arrangement direction of the service area under wear for free to the service area, thus effectively improve service capacity,Alleviate the charging stress problems such as “one pile is hard to get”, “charging for one hour, queuing for four hours”, etc.In addition, 12 mobile supplementary trams were arranged to provide emergency supplementary electricity service for more than 100 new energy vehicles, thus improving the power guarantee capacity of charging stations.In addition, in addition to high-speed service areas, guangdong province has basically achieved full coverage of charging piles in towns and townships.At present, nearly 4,000 public charging stations and more than 23,000 charging guns (excluding buses) have been put into operation in Guangdong, charging users for 519,700 times and generating 10.863,000 kilowatt-hours of charge, up 147% year on year.”This year, I choose to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot. I will continue to live broadcast and sell goods. I will live broadcast as long as there is electricity.”Tang Guo, a native of Henan province, is the marketing director of a medium-sized e-commerce livestream enterprise in Wanxinglong Jade City in Zhaoqing, Guangdong province. During the Spring Festival, he insisted on livestream selling goods. “The livestream team takes shifts, and will not stop as long as there is electricity and network.Last year, when the power supply was the worst, it didn’t stop.”Sihui, known as the “Hometown of Jade in China”, has 15 jade trading stores (bases), with an annual “online + offline” turnover of more than 50 billion yuan and nearly 200,000 employees. Sihui’s jade live broadcast is the national benchmark, with online sales in several jewelry live broadcast bases accounting for more than 60% of the total sales.”The whole area to achieve zero line failure, zero power outage, zero complaints’ three zero ‘goal.”Wanxinglong jade city joint deputy secretary of the Party committee Huang Ningbi said, zhaoqing sihui power supply bureau party committee and the joint party committee of the business district to implement the “two excellent first” exchange mechanism, timely investigation of hidden dangers, to ensure the normal use of electricity during the Spring Festival.(for more news and information, please pay close attention to guangzhou send pai.ycwb.com) source | Yang cheng evening news, Yang cheng sent coordinating editor | min