Good news + Milestone!Popular international foot liuyang staged a world-class assist, circle of friends issued a document: blunt duck!

2022-05-06 0 By

Recently, in the Swiss Super League, Li Lei won the first assist of liuyang.At that time grasshopper team and Lausanne sports game carried on 65 minutes, Li Lei got the opportunity to substitute debut.Just two minutes later, Li Lei sent a fine cross from the wing.In the middle of the teammates, did not live up to li Lei’s kindness, the ball will be firmly in, to help the team locked 2-0 win.Grasshopper team of this goal, half of the credit should be recorded in Li Lei body.Li Lei excellent running position and forward penetration consciousness, so that opponents are hard to defend.When Li Lei passed the ball on the wing, he was left unguarded.Li lei’s smartest move was not to cross and let his teammate head in, which would have been easy for the goalkeeper and the central defender to clear, and he delivered a low, high-quality shot.Li Lei after begetting assist, also be very excited, post a document in circle of friends after the game: blunt duck!This assists to Li Lei to stay abroad career, not only is a good news, and still be milestone moment.Li Lei came on the bench only two minutes, can send an assist, should grasshopper team coach left a very good impression.The next round of The Swiss Super League, Li Lei is expected to lock the position of the starting left back.Looking at Li Lei in Europe to usher in the outbreak, many fans are the first time to send a message of blessing.Some fans joked that among the current Chinese players, only Li Lei deserves to eat sea cucumber.Li Lei’s outstanding performance in the Rui Super League will make him expected to return to the national team and force Stanley Wang to play the main force.Wang Stanley in the national football team in the last few games of the twelve strong, his overall state and performance are not good.The flying wing made a number of errors in the game that resulted in his team losing the ball.So in this case, China’s left back is in desperate need of a new face.Then in the Swiss Super League play gradually into the good situation of Li Lei, as long as the momentum will continue, Li Xiaopeng will give him the main force.I hope that Li Lei will be appointed as the main left back of the National football Team, he can bring excellent performance and goals to the fans in the big match, and help the team to achieve due good results.(Luo Manager)