How can we solve the problem of social security and pensions for the 200 million flexible workers?

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The number of flexible workers in China reached 200 million by the end of 2021.With the development of Internet economy and the advent of the age of longevity, the employment mode of one job to retirement has become a past style, and there are many sideline just need groups, freelancers, slash youth, etc., which often belong to flexible employment people.When the number of flexible employment exceeds 200 million, how to solve the basic security issues such as social security and pension of flexible employment group under the new occupational form?Let’s do a simple popular science: without stable jobs, how can flexible employment groups get social security and pension security?For office workers with stable employment, the way to obtain social security pension is to participate in the social security of employees of the company and obtain the security of the five insurances. When the contribution of the endowment insurance has been paid for 15 years, they can get the qualification of retirement pension. At the legal retirement age, they can get the lifelong pension cash flow monthly and secure retirement pension.However, for non-fixed occupational groups, such as flexible employment groups, they can participate in the social security of the employees in the place of residence according to their individual flexible employment status, but they need to have their own complex all the premiums, no enterprise share, but the security is the same, as long as the contribution has been more than 15 years, they can get pension security.Generally speaking, flexible employment groups can also participate in social security for urban and rural residents in addition to participating in social security for employees. The contribution of pension insurance for urban and rural residents is more flexible, and the cost is relatively low, which is more suitable for freelancers, slash youth, and sideline just need groups.As long as the contribution has been more than 15 years, you can also get a lifetime guarantee of urban and rural social security pension.For 200 million groups of flexible obtain employment, social security if you choose to participate in worker, means that compared with the stable employment office worker pay more social security fees, pay cost pressure is larger, if you choose to social security, urban and rural residents can choose appropriate class according to their own economic strength and the condition, flexible payment, pay cost pressure will be smaller.Jobs to join the hukou restrictions gradually open, flexible employment group can also different ginseng protect a worker to social security in 14 or 15 planning, in 2022, the social security pension and social minimum wage increase steadily, and in the adjustment of the social security, has in view of the flexible employment group, the adjustment of the limits, it also reflects the social security agencies to the attention of the flexible employment group.Originally worker endowment insurance of social security, flexible employment group must be a local hukou to personally ginseng protect a worker to social security, long distance, the household registration in flexible employment group in other cities, is unable to participate in employment is located near the worker social security, which is why a lot of city group of flexible obtain employment did you get one of the reasons for the same social security old-age security.In the report of the 14th Five-year Plan, the household registration restrictions on the social security participation of workers with flexible employment have been gradually lifted, and the principle of participating in the insurance nearby has been adopted, so that workers with flexible employment can obtain the social security and endowment insurance of workers with different places in the cities where they work, breaking the restriction that workers with different places can only participate in the social security through the form of units.Although it has not yet been implemented nationwide, a number of cities have opened restrictions on the household registration of insured people. For example, Anhui province and Henan Province made it possible for people with flexible employment to participate in social security in other places in October last year, which is a great convenience for flexible employment groups working outside the province.In anhui province and henan province also in flexible employment group, ginseng protect a worker to optimize adjustment, social security payment time does not like unit worker social security monthly fixed time pay cost, but to give more flexibility and choice space, can choose according to oneself circumstance monthly pay cost, a quarterly payment, according to pay six months or a year.Flexible employment groups tend to have unstable incomes. The measures taken by Anhui and Henan have avoided the risk of cutting off social security contributions for employees with flexible employment, making it easier for flexible employment groups to obtain basic security of social security and pension.What social security benefits are available to flexible workers?In the secondary employment market, the flexible employment group is the main group, which is related to the stable development of our re-employment market. In order to encourage the unemployed and difficult groups to achieve re-employment, we also launched 4050 social security subsidies for this flexible employment group.Generally speaking, older groups with difficulty in employment and unemployed groups after the age of 50 for men and 40 for women, such as zero-employment families, partially disabled groups, and families with subsistence allowances, can apply for the subsidy of 4050 social security contributions after they participate in the social security of employees and realize flexible employment.Different regions have different proportions of subsidies for 4050 people, and the subsidy duration is different. The 4050 social security subsidy generally lasts for 3 years, while those who apply for the first time and are less than 5 years from retirement can enjoy the social security subsidy until the statutory retirement age, and the subsidy can reach more than 5 years.The amount and proportion of the social security 4050 subsidy depends on the local economy and actual consumption. Some regions pay 50% of the social security subsidy, others 70%.Some areas only a few hundred yuan, and some areas can reach thousands of yuan.The 4050 social security subsidy can only be received once in the employment life. If you change from a flexible employment group to an office worker in a fixed unit, then the 4050 subsidy does not exist. Even if you lose your job again later, you cannot apply for the 4050 social security subsidy again.The number of flexible workers in China has exceeded 200 million and is on the rise. In order to adapt to this new employment pattern, there will be more insurance benefits and facilitation measures targeted at flexible workers in the future.What do you think will happen to our social security and pension system when the number of flexible employment reaches 200 million? Share your opinion.