More than 40,000 yuan in cash, 2 gold necklaces…Two minutes to find the owner

2022-05-06 0 By

Passenger Yan claims her lost property at qinglongshan Metro station.A handbag containing more than 40,000 yuan in cash and two gold necklaces was left on a train of Wuhan metro Line 7.It took only 2 minutes to find the owner and return the valuables intact.On February 12th afternoon 3 when 30 points, 7 lines reached the finishing line train qinglongshan town in the subway station, power shift quality technician Qiu Bing prepare to get off to substation inspection equipment state, suddenly he saw seat there is a yellow bag, immediately inform staff lingbo platform, two people take bag open on see there were a lot of cash, promptly report duty station bengen deng.Deng Bingjie quickly took her handbag to the car control room and took out the items in the bag together with the driving guard, including 4 bundles of 100 yuan cash, 2 gold necklaces, car keys, ID cards and other items.Thinking that the passengers must be very anxious, Deng bingjie used the call desk to look for the owner of the yellow handbag while looking for the owner through the station announcement.Within two minutes, a woman rushed to the customer service center of Beihua Street in a panic, asking for help in finding her bag she had left on the train.According to the passenger description, she was initially identified as the owner.The owner, Ms. Yan, arrived at the terminal and saw the recovered handbag. After counting all the cash without any mistake, she thanked all the staff and praised the station for its high efficiency.It is understood that Ms Yan took a bus from jian ‘an Street in the afternoon and got off at Beihua Street station in a hurry, forgetting to take her handbag on the seat.She said she broke out in a cold sweat when she found all her belongings missing, but luckily metro staff helped her pick them up.