The country ping one elder brother small fat New Year first sound, please return the country ping a clean environment, not begging circle

2022-05-06 0 By

Fan Zhendong New Year bluntly, please do not attack the coaching team, boycott rice circle words and deeds.As the Chinese table tennis players continue to be popular, the phenomenon of dining circle is becoming more and more serious, such as intercepting their favorite star players at the airport, some fans will attack each other, some fans will attack a coach, and even speculate about the relationship between players and coaches without any reason.The words and deeds of the extreme fans did bring some troubles to the Soldiers, more or less interfering with their work and life.Fan zhendong has previously expressed his dissatisfaction with the rice circle several times.To avoid its interference, he even deleted his personal social media accounts.Recently, Fan Zhendong, who has no personal social media account, suddenly contacted the fan organization’s account and posted a message calling for the boycott of any form of China Ping Fan circle.’At work, I have my own plans and arrangements for training and competition,’ Mr. Fan said.Please don’t speculate and don’t attack the coaching staff.Personally, please respect each of my leaders, coaches and teammates. Do not lead wars or engage in inappropriate discussions.In life, please understand that I don’t want attention.Anyone who cares about Fan Zhendong, as a fan, should understand and take these words seriously.Different circles have their own characteristics.For Chinese table tennis players, winning gold MEDALS is their main job, so if you like them, you have to respect their needs so that you can really support their career.To this, everybody old iron is how to see, welcome message discussion exchange!