The girl went to her boyfriend’s house to celebrate Chinese New Year without her parents knowing, took a 10-hour train ride, and came home with nothing but dumplings and pig’s feet

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Now people’s living standards have improved, what to eat is no longer important, but friends from afar, isn’t it a delight?When entertaining guests, the prepared dishes can be seen whether they are taken seriously.A girl went to her boyfriend’s home in Guangdong province for Chinese New Year without her parents’ knowledge. After a 10-hour train ride, she arrived home only to find her mother had prepared dumplings and a bowl of pig’s feet.Dumplings are the traditional characteristics of China’s food, important festivals will eat dumplings, especially the New Year’s Eve dinner, dumplings are necessary food on the table, some places in addition to the New Year’s Eve dinner only dumplings, no other dishes.Dumplings on New Year’s Eve will also be wrapped in brown sugar peanuts, dates, chestnuts, etc., with good luck and good meaning.Dumpling shape like ingot, but also a symbol of family reunion, the coming year into a wide range of financial resources.In the eyes of The Cantonese, the pig’s foot means scratching money, which means getting rich. During the Chinese New Year, eat the pig’s foot to make a good intention. The pig’s foot is not only rich in collagen, but also tastes good, and it has full elasticity.It seems that the boy’s mother is very well prepared, and the dumplings in the north are all ready.But for the first time to visit the boy girlfriend a little casual.At least one or two dishes from her hometown should be prepared for the girls.Others said that it is customary in many places to eat only dumplings and not prepare other dishes on Chinese New Year’s Eve, but most netizens felt that the boy’s mother was not respectful to the girl.The child is young and not sensible, will be moved by the so-called true feelings, but if you want to be respected by others, you must respect yourself.The relationship has not been formally established, it is best not to take the initiative to go to each other’s home for the New Year, girls know to hide from their parents to do this thing, certainly know that their parents do not agree, also feel that it is wrong to do so.Such contempt by the other parents, the future of marriage will not be happy!