The job is waiting for you!Lucheng Public Security bureau is recruiting 50 people

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Due to the need of work, according to the relevant regulations on the management of auxiliary police personnel, Lucheng District Branch of Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau is now open to the public to recruit auxiliary police personnel. The relevant matters are as follows: 1. Recruitment Plan This plan recruits 50 auxiliary police officers.(See the recruitment form below).(1) Hold the nationality of the People’s Republic of China, uphold the Constitution, abide by laws and regulations, have good conduct, love the cause of public security, have strong dedication, bear hardships and stand hard work, and have a strong sense of discipline.(ii) Aged between 18 and 40 years.(3) Physically and mentally healthy, no infectious diseases, good appearance, clear speech, no tattoos on the body surface, corrected visual acuity of over 4.8 for both eyes.(iv) Having a college degree or above recognized by the state, as well as the working ability and professional requirements required to perform the duties of the post.(5) The following circumstances shall not apply for the examination: 1. Participating in illegal organizations, cult organizations or other activities endangering state security by himself or his family members or major social relations;2. His/her family member or major social relation is in prison or under investigation;3. Those who have been subjected to criminal punishment or are suspected of illegal or criminal activities that have not been investigated;4. Fabricating and spreading theories, lines, principles and policies that damage the reputation of the state or the opposition party, or violating national laws and regulations;5. Those who have been punished for taking drugs, visiting prostitutes or gambling;6. Those who have been subjected to administrative detention, judicial detention, asylum and education;7. Having his practicing certificate of lawyer or notary revoked;8. Those who have been dismissed from public office, discharged from the military or dismissed due to violation of discipline and regulations;9. Leave without authorization before the contract period of police auxiliary work;10. Having a relatively serious bad personal credit record;11. Others unsuitable for auxiliary police work.The family members or principal social relations referred to in this paragraph include grandparents, maternal grandparents, parents, spouses, children, brothers and sisters and other relatives living together for a long time.1. Registration time: From February 9, 2022 to February 16, 2022.2. Telephone consultation time: 8:30-11:30, 14:00-17:30 on weekdays.For more information, call 88200515.3. Registration method: Online registration, registration materials sent to the civil administration center email: 1700315354@qq.com4.Registration information: ① ID card ② Online verification report (high school education is not required) ③ Residence booklet ④ other related certificates ⑤ Application form (download the attachment, please attach the recent bare-headless one-inch color photo to the application form).Please send the above information to the above email address ( within the registration time specified in the announcement.(2) Preliminary qualification review and Feedback Lucheng District Branch of Wenzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau will conduct preliminary qualification review on the application materials and receive the application materials that meet the requirements.Applicants are required to attend physical fitness test, written test and interview according to the regulations. The specific details such as time and place will be notified later.(3) Examination procedures After passing the physical test, written test, interview, political review and physical examination, the applicants shall be selected.The admitted personnel shall be trained and qualified before taking up the post.(iv) Remuneration Remuneration of auxiliary police officers (including the five insurances and housing fund paid by units and individuals) is guaranteed by the district finance, with an average annual salary of 75,000 yuan.(5) Other matters 1. If any cheating or fraud is found in the recruitment process, once it is confirmed, the qualification of employment will be cancelled;2. In the recruitment process, if any staff fails to participate in the physical examination, political examination or fails to pass the examination, the vacancies will be filled from high score to low score according to the relevant examination results;3. The cost of physical examination shall be borne by the applicant himself.4. Copies of relevant certificates submitted by applicants will not be returned;5. Matters not covered herein shall be explained by Lucheng District Branch of Wenzhou Public Security Bureau.Source Ping an Lucheng editor Guo Rong