Breathtaking!The car overturned into a deep ditch, police and rescue

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At 11:00 am on February 25, 2022, Gongyi Municipal Public Security Bureau Zhulin police station received a public alarm, said in 310 National Road Gongyi Zhulin Town turntable has a car accidentally overturned into the roadside deep ditch, the death of the occupants of the vehicle unknown.Time is command.Called, the policemen rushed to the scene of bamboo, found a white zhongtai car overturned “round sky” five or six meters in national southeast edge of the ditch, fortunately, the car is only a female driver, and the female driver has been out of the car itself, specific injury is unknown, the doctors, but because of the ditch, over six meters deep and both sides with a green stone,The walls were smooth and there was no place to come up from the bottom of the ditch.Because the female driver has just experienced the rollover accident, shaken, still trembling, police to appease the female driver’s emotions, while organizing the rescue.The police threw the rescue rope deep ditch, so that the female driver tied to the waist as a safety rope, put down the telescopic ladder, the female driver stepped on the ladder step by step to move up, the police and the surrounding people to stabilize the telescopic ladder, pull the rescue rope together, with everyone’s common encouragement and help, the female driver safely ashore.It is understood that the female driver in the road turntable, attention is not focused, resulting in improper operation, resulting in the vehicle turned into a deep ditch, fortunately, under the protection of the safety belt, is only a slight scratch hand.Subsequently, the police assisted him to contact his family, for the next vehicle rescue.Police remind: don’t careless driving safety, for days, temperatures continue to rise, easy to feel sleepy in spring, when the vehicle should be focused, tired to rest in time, avoid the “chunkun” impact safety, more don’t drink and drive, keep in mind that safety first, civilized travel, consciously abide by traffic regulations, to avoid traffic accidents.Contribute – END – edit | | bamboo forest police station publicity division