Open to traffic!The people who have been lifted out of poverty have realized their dream of building roads

2022-05-07 0 By

Recently, lingshan county transportation bureau construction of wuli town fork mouth village committee alone field to banana tree hill hardening cement road officially completed open to traffic.The koukou Village Committee of Wuli Town will be lifted out of poverty in 2020. Due to its remote location and inconvenient transportation, there used to be 100 people in 21 poor households.Fork village field alone natural villages and banana tree mountain natural villages, although there is a mountain of more than 500 acres, 200 acres of rice, chilli, 160 mu, the fruit is mainly GanJie, plant size of 50 mu, but because the roads are open, sale is the biggest problem facing villagers, couldn’t get into the cart, need to fell back carry much kilometers to get to the main road, the transportation cost is very high,Local people are stuck in poverty with a golden bowl.In order to realize the hope for many years, in 2021, the local use of work-relief funds of 490000 yuan, the construction of the field to the banana tree mountain alone hardening cement road 1.26 kilometers, the project construction, lingshan county, the coordinate transportation construction unit hire local people as far as possible to participate in the project construction, and sent technical staff technical training of migrant workers,Ensure the quality of project construction.Can realize fine rain to traffic after the completion of the project, break the village’s development bottleneck, promoting rural worker masses number 40 people, distribute to the rural labor compensation of 72000 yuan, be worthy of the name of the people’s livelihood, industrial road, riches gradually, further strengthened the achievements of poverty engines, stimulate the poverty people promote self-reliance and actively growing rich struggle for power.(Gan Weijie) Source: Lingshan County Rong Media Center Editor: Huang Xinle proofread: Huang Daiming review: Chen Tianyong Lingshan County Party Committee propaganda Department