People’s Daily pays attention to the special bullet train for migrant workers in Guizhou

2022-05-07 0 By

On February 14, People’s Daily published a special train for Migrant workers in Guizhou — Precise Transportation helps migrant workers to Return to employment, focusing on the special train for migrant workers in Dong Village, Miao Township, Qiandongnan County, Guizhou, from Jiang Railway Station to Guangzhou South Railway Station, helping more than 600 migrant workers to return to employment.The report is as follows: At 9:47 am, a special train D2803 from The Dong Village of Miao Township, carrying more than 600 migrant workers, set off from Jiang Railway Station in Guizhou province and sped towards its destination, Guangzhou South Railway Station.”There are 1.21 million rural migrant workers in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, and each migrant worker earns an average of 50,000 yuan per year.In order to ensure the orderly return of migrant workers after the Spring Festival, the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Southeast Guizhou Prefecture applied for and customized additional opening according to the return needs of migrant workers within its control to carry out ‘point-to-point’ precise transportation to help migrant workers return to work.”Qiandongnan Prefecture people’s Social security Bureau related person in charge.In order to ensure the safe and smooth operation of special train for migrant workers, Guiyang Station makes full use of all kinds of carriers to promote online and offline, and formulate travel service plans for migrant workers.It is understood that the Passenger section of Guiyang also set up “train reading corner” and “children’s toy box” in the bar car, carrying out reading and giving candy, blessing and other activities.”We have carefully prepared a ‘love package’ containing epidemic prevention supplies, safety instructions, desk calendar, candy and employment information for migrant workers, as well as a map of convenient transfer modes in migrant cities to provide more convenient and efficient travel services for migrant workers.”D2803 conductor Peng Feng said.Wang Zhiqiu source People’s Daily editor Li Beduo editor Min Jie Zhang Ting