Provincial agriculture and rural department director Wang Zhaoxian shuangcheng investigation

2022-05-07 0 By

On February 5th, Wang Zhaoxian, director of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, accompanied by Ren Yanhui, director of the Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Harbin, came to Shuangcheng District to investigate the creation and preparation of high-standard farmland for spring farming production.Lu Beigang, secretary of the Shuangcheng District Party Committee, Xu Xin, deputy secretary of the District Party committee, zou Hongyu, deputy head of the district government, accompanied the investigation.Wang Zhaoxian and his delegation first came to the National Green Food raw material (corn) standardized production base in Dongguan Town, inspected the construction of standardized farmland, and had a detailed understanding of crop selection, planting technology, investment of modern machinery, land protection, and supporting construction of the base.And go deep into dongguan agricultural machinery professional cooperative, carefully check dongguan town high-standard farmland construction project status map and planning map, combined with the actual situation, put forward opinions and suggestions.Wang stressed that the construction of high-standard farmland can improve farmland infrastructure conditions and resource utilization efficiency, which is of great significance to the improvement of agricultural quality and efficiency and the promotion of rural revitalization.To further improve the station, according to local conditions, scientific development.According to the requirements of “field, soil, water, road, forest, electricity, technology and pipe”, the project was optimized to meet the needs of agricultural production to a greater extent.Wang demanded that high-standard farmland construction projects actively seek policy support, increase investment, adhere to construction standards and ensure project quality.At the same time, it is necessary to improve the system, implement permanent protection, and prohibit “non-agricultural”, “non-food” phenomenon.Grow in details about our production plan to carry out the hem, agricultural materials, agricultural machinery and stalks out of the land for spring after the production situation, Wang Zhaoxian stressed that should be about “stabilizing food increases the beans” the main line, safeguard national food security “YaCangShi” political responsibility, layer upon layer decomposition of area index, step by step to carry out the grain cultivation task, to ensure that the area sown to grain only grow.Efforts should be made to speed up the progress of raw materials, overcome the impact of the current epidemic prevention and control on spring ploughing production, encourage farmers to select goods and order goods online, and ensure that spring ploughing materials are delivered to their homes in time.Want strict spring tillage production time node, start work early, advance quickly.Grab the limited time, make full preparations to ensure that the agricultural season is not violated, and lay the foundation for a good harvest throughout the year.