The annual collection of ict white Papers is here again

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To thank you for your support and love, CIICT will send you a welfare!In 2021, CIICT continued to expand research areas and enhance the depth of research, conducting in-depth research and forward-looking layout in 5G, industrial Internet, digital economy, Internet of vehicles, quantum, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, network and information security, and published a series of white papers.Click the button to download the 2021 China Ict White Paper gift package!Don’t miss the surprise at the end!Click on the title of the 2021 White Paper of the China Academy of Information and Communications,Specific content can be read on March the safety emergency industrial development (epidemic prevention emergency supplies), the white paper “” virtual (enhancement) reality, the white paper” April “the core of artificial intelligence technology industry white paper” the economic development of China’s digital white paper may “mobile network based on user experience quality white paper” July “credible artificial intelligence, the white paper” “white paper on cloud computing” September “all over the worldOutbreak of digital economy, the white paper, under the impact of recovery new dawn, “the white paper on China’s work force development index” open source ecological white paper “” China’s Internet industry development situation and climate index report” “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” white paper on China’s Internet copyright management “” Chinese broadband development white paper” on October the white paper on China’s wireless economic financial ecological science and technology in China white paper 1January “Mobile Internet Application (APP) Personal Information Protection and Governance White Paper” December “China 5G Development and Economic and Social Impact white Paper — Pioneering blue OceanEarly results show “, “China’s strong industrial counties (city), the area development report, the situation of China’s industrial economic development outlook,” the white paper on Internet law “white paper on” big data “digital carbon neutral white paper” twin cities “digital white paper” block chain, the white paper “the ecosystem development report – the change in the global industry innovation competition, cooperation and open the global digital governanceTheory White Paper quantum Information Technology Development and Application Research Report Internet of Vehicles White Paper China “5G+ Industrial Internet” development Report more hot information please pay attention to industrial Internet Industry Alliance Hubei Branch alliance (AII-HUB)