(Tongbai Series report 14) Wucheng Town of Tongbai County firmly established the economic development concept of “project is king”

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(Tongbai Series report 14) Wucheng Town of Tongbo County firmly set up the economic development concept of “Project is king” and “Five high standards” to create the best business environment special correspondent Du Fujian correspondent Xiong Xingfang “Thanks to the strong support of the Party Committee and the government, let our enterprise take deep roots and grow strong and healthy in tongbai.”February 11, Nanyang zhi Chuangyuan technology Co., LTD., li Dejun told reporters.Nanyang Zhicuangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise attracted by Wucheng Town, Tongbo County. The first phase of the electronic industrial park r&d and production construction project of the company has been completed, which can solve the employment of more than 800 people and create an annual output value of more than 300 million yuan.At present, the project has been included in nanyang key project monitoring service platform.Zhi Chuangyuan technology Co., Ltd. is just one of the examples of successful investment attraction in Wucheng Town.In recent years, Wucheng Town firmly set up the concept of “project is king, investment is the most important”, adhere to the “five high standards”, and strive to create the best business environment, attracting enterprises from all over the world to settle in Tongbai.Plan projects to a high standard.The town actively strive for policy project funds, carefully prepared “difference”, rural planning the revitalization of planning work, seize the nanyang building provincial deputy center city, tongbai build a new one, “Lord” pattern of industry development opportunities, such as in-depth research policy, completes the upper and lower cohesion, promote cage more items into the superior planning, policies, financing, project support,A virtuous cycle of rolling development and cascade promotion has been formed.Attract investment with high standards.Around for big projects, large capital and promote the stride development, firmly seize the town “difference” dabie mountain development of old revolutionary base areas revitalization policy opportunities, actively integrated into the “new” industrial structure, based on local location advantages and resources advantages, intensify propaganda promotion and investment promotion and capital introduction, and further implement the strategy of talent back to the venture, relying on talent advantage,We will encourage and guide successful people in Wucheng to return to their hometowns and start businesses, and attract more social capital to participate in the construction of a beautiful and prosperous New Wucheng.Optimized service with high standard.The Party Committee and government of Wucheng Town closely follow the needs of the people and various market entities, build a first-class business environment with high-quality government services, deepen the reform of one “event” and one “event”, benefit enterprises and the people in a real sense, and let the people in charge of the reform enjoy the dividend.To target advanced areas, the town has studied its weaknesses, improved various measures, carried out the activity of “helping ten thousand enterprises for ten thousand people” by point and area, consciously focused on optimizing the business environment as a major and strategic infrastructure project, and promoted the implementation of project construction and investment attraction.Consolidate the foundation with high standards.Optimize the business environment, promote the development of economy, WuCheng Town continually push “town connecting the promotion year” activities, adhere to the planning first, increasing investment, the principle of functional repair, fine management, closely around the building livable appropriate industry district green town, business strategic goals, grasp the construction, finely crafted casting the high-quality goods, to carry out the “six”, governance, “six”,To optimize the living environment, livable suitable business new Wucheng more and more beautiful.High standards encourage advancement.Wucheng Town formulated and issued the “incentive measures for investment attraction”, which rewards those who make outstanding contributions to investment attraction and encourages the whole town’s cadres to firmly establish the concept of “everyone is the subject of investment attraction and everywhere is the environment for investment attraction”.On December 31, 2021, the 2021 Annual Commendation for Outstanding Contributions to Investment promotion will be held to commend and award those who have made outstanding contributions to the successful introduction of major projects.Nests attract phoenixes, flowers and butterflies will come.In 2021, Wucheng Town has made fruitful achievements in attracting investment.6 new projects were introduced in the whole year, with contract investment of 2.318 billion yuan;10 projects are under construction.In July 2021 and January 2022, the commencement ceremony of the “Three Batches” activities of major municipal and county projects was successfully held in Zhichuang Source Technology Co., LTD and Shuangxin Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., LTD.”We will take ‘concept, ability and style construction year’ and ‘ten thousand people to help ten thousand enterprises’ and other activities as the starting point, tree firmly grasp the project is to grasp the awareness of development, continue to optimize the business environment, continue to improve service efficiency, continue to promote investment, with the project to drive the development of Tongbai!Zhang Changge, wucheng’s party secretary, is confident.