With an average selling price of nearly 700,000 yuan and delivery of more than 5,000 units, The high-harmony took only 10 months to complete

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I don’t know when I started seeing HiPhi X around me and on the road.For those of you who don’t know HiPhi X, I’m sure you’ll be amazed.After all, the existence of HiPhi X is just like that kind of car that only appears in movies. It is full of futuristic feeling and also has a sense of science and technology, which naturally attracts a lot of attention.Unexpectedly, an average selling price of nearly 700,000 cars, visibility on the road is getting higher and higher.On the one hand, it shows that HiPhi X is attractive to many consumers. On the other hand, it proves that high-end opening does not necessarily mean failure.Kohe HiPhi X delivered 355 units in February, according to Chuang China’s luxury car delivery speed data.Although the figure is small, as mentioned above, the average selling price is not low, and due to the Spring Festival holiday in February, the actual delivery time was shortened to 16 days.In this context, 355 is not to blame.Moreover, by virtue of this data, HiPhi X also retained the champion of monthly sales of more than 500,000 luxury pure electric vehicles.The market share in this segment also increased to 33%, equivalent to every luxury pure electric vehicle over 500,000 yuan sold, there will be a high-voltage HiPhi X, so its heat and strength should not be underestimated.It is worth mentioning that at present, Gaohe automobile has delivered 5,142 HiPhi X in total, breaking the 5,000 mark in only 10 months, setting a new delivery speed of more than 500,000 yuan for Chinese luxury pure electric brands.Once, more or less some people questioned a new brand “start is high-end” play in the end, now gao He seems to have used data to give the answer.This is not to say that any new brand “high-end start” will succeed.In fact, Chinese Express is a foundation.It is not accurate to say that it is a new force in car making.Because the top management of Chinese Express, including the core team, is a car building experience.Most people have experience in the automotive industry, so understanding of cars and consumer insight is not a concern.More importantly, they are building cars that defy the industry’s imagination.Ding Lei, founder, chairman and CEO of Chinese Express Gaohe Automobile, once said, “Always create more extreme things that are not available in the world.”This is what High Harmony is doing and wants to do.Not long ago, Gaohe officially adopted “love to create” as its brand spirit.Indeed, creation has always been the life force of the brand, as can be seen from HiPhi X.Whether it is design sense, such as NT wing doors;Or luxurious, such as three oversized technology screens;Or intelligence, such as software-defined cars, or power, such as 3.9 seconds of zero acceleration, were created without any limitations and pushed to the ceiling.This is the charm of HiPhi X, but also the spirit of the brand.Now it seems that the high Harmony car has gradually established itself in the market, and it is time to take a step forward.Recently, HiPhi X has evolved in its entire family, and officially launched two long-endurance versions, namely the 570,000 Zhiyuan 6-seat model and the 620,000 Chuangyuan 6-seat model.More seriously, the whole series of products are equipped with Meridian sound system with 17 speakers, 19.9-inch iMAX copilot large screen, 128-color starlight atmosphere panel, HEPA biochemical filter, intelligent fragrance system, driver health information system, which can be said to be full of luxury atmosphere.Meanwhile, with the arrival of the long-endurance version, the starting price has been lowered to 570,000 yuan, 50,000 yuan less than the initial price of 620,000 yuan.And now the long endurance version of HiPhi X has a range of 630km.All kinds of signs show that the product competitiveness of HiPhi X is stronger, and its future market is worth looking forward to. Maybe we can often meet more HiPhi X on the road in the future.In addition to HiPhi X, Gaohe is also rapidly advancing the arrival of HiPhi Z.HiPhi Z is gaohe’s second product and its first sedan.Leaving aside its core force for a moment, its shape alone is pleasing to the eye.It can be said that HiPhi Z can also attract a lot of attention with its design style alone.However, in the end, we have to combine the price of new cars to roughly judge the future market.However, it is certain that with the continuous launch of gaohe products, the future market prospects will be better and better.Electric EV: Want to go higher, like to create, keep High Harmony fresh “scene defined design”, “software defined car”, “co-creation defined value”, high harmony mentioned a lot of lofty words, sounds like very advanced, also difficult to understand.But we know that Gaohe is doing different products in the industry.With the concept of “love to create”, to achieve high harmony “want to go higher”.Of course, I also hope that one day, the products of Gaohe will be as popular as Tesla, so that every ordinary person can have the opportunity to contact new things and new ideas.And this may be the ultimate destination of Gaohe.