Add to the blockage is not discussed, The National football team 1 to 3 lost to Vietnam on the first day of the official elimination, Li Xiaopeng in a dilemma

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Difficult graffiti, the team’s 3 to 1 defeat to Vietnam on the first day out, text/Jiang Shihua Li Xiaopeng dilemma and Vietnam team before the game, the team’s up and down the gesture to not added for Chinese New Year’s day, but look from the game, the team’s players with their own actual performance added for americans to graffiti, although China the buzzer for the team’s scored a face-saving.But the 3-1 result not only heralded Vietnam’s first win in the round of 12, it also meant that China was officially eliminated on The first day of the Chinese New Year, regardless of the outcome of Australia’s round of matches.As for Li Xiaopeng, the new head coach of China national Football Team, who led the national football team to lose to Vietnam for the first time in its history, he was already in a dilemma after only two coaching games.In fact, from the process of the game, Vietnam won the game is not a surprise, but we are not willing to accept it emotionally.As a matter of fact, no matter from the foot skills of the Vietnamese team, or the tacit understanding of the ball, The Vietnamese team is better than the Chinese team. To know, the main frame of the Vietnamese team is the group of players who reached the final of the 2018 U23 Asian Cup. On the other hand, China’s youth teams at all levels have been unable to achieve good results for a long time.More let Chinese fans feel unbearable is, whether facing the Japanese team or facing the Vietnamese team, the Chinese team’s distress degree is almost the same, that is, the striker can not find the door, the defender can not find the north, the goalkeeper is very busy.I do not deny that li Xiaopeng’s platoon arrangement is worth discussing, such as the first half of the front line did not attack fulcrum, and the second half of the lineup is too radical lineup lack of flexibility.But in essence, under the condition that the naturalized players were not in good condition, The Chinese national football team lost due to inferior skills, unable to open up space in attack, lack of concentration in defense, and high quality cooperation in the second half but failed due to lack of details.But in any case, losing to Vietnam may be difficult to accept the outside world, in the national football team may also be difficult to accept.In other words, this is also a great psychological blow to Li Xiaopeng. I am afraid that even Li Xiaopeng himself can hardly have confidence in continuing to teach. Whether the class is dismissed or not, it is a slap in the face for the change of national football team’s head coach not long ago.In fact, Chinese football to this point, who coach is not a decisive factor.