Deng Chao climbed to the top of the hot search, the opening ceremony “fake smile” boys and jumping atmosphere group is also popular

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# Ice 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics opening Ceremony ‘fake smile’ boy goes viralWinter Olympics Deng Chao also hot search first – introduction.Deng Chao didn’t attend the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. Why did he top the list of popular “entertainment”?What about the fifth place on the overall recommendation list?Originally, now, “Deng Chao” two words, has gradually become an adjective, describe the first time to do something happy and beaming.This is not, in The Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, there is an audience can not call the name of the foreigner, in the athletes entrance ceremony, dancing, extremely happy.The foreigner’s behavior, including his actions, prompted many netizens to compare him to actor Deng Chao, who was so happy that he “jumped” out of the picture on CCTV spring Night.It is estimated that even Deng Chao himself never thought that he would one day enjoy the heat of the Beijing Winter Olympics, with the words “Winter Olympics Deng Chao”, the top trending position.Some netizens lamented, from this incident can be seen, we do anything, must be fully committed to do the best.I don’t know. There’s a surprise in store!Beijing Winter Olympics opening ceremony also has a hidden in the crowd as a background board of a boy, also popular!The reason for the fire is that he smiles the whole time, with all kinds of sweet and warm expressions, giving people a kind of warm feeling that his smile can melt everything.The TV cameras would always sweep over him, and all the other big boys standing beside him were also smiling, and all of them were handsome men with high appearance level.Vistas too!It’s more three-dimensional.Sure enough, the official weibo of “People’s Public Security University of China” later came to claim the origin of the handsome boy “produced” by his family.It turns out that these big boys are all college students from The People’s Public Security University of China, and they formed the flag-bearer phalanx for the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The number is not only a “handsome boy with a fake smile”, but nearly 100 college students.Below this, excuse me, bai Jugang is you?This group of “fake smile” big boys, holding the Olympic flag, the National flag of Greece, China and other different flags, the face presented is the spirit of contemporary Chinese young people flying.Of course, the “fake smile” here does not mean that they fool the audience, but precisely reflects the politeness and cultivation of young people.Here, let’s change the speaker at the front of the stage. In the background, there are several smiling big boys.Some netizens also said it is not easy for students to keep the same warm smile for such a long time, even if they have graduated from a professional acting school.Another smiling boy was teased for his resemblance to pop star and singer Bai Jugang.In addition, the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics “atmosphere group” is also popular!They bounce around for hours, automatically switching “dance” styles to different music tracks as the athletes enter the stadium.It is definitely not strictly any kind of dance, but the “atmosphere group” of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. It is not for the neat and uniform dance movements, but for the excitement.I saw a guy from atmosphere who took off his down vest when he jumped high, and another guy who jumped so high that he almost flew out of the picture.It’s not even possible for the camera to avoid the “high” ones.However, this actually shows that we no longer need to display the broad and profound Chinese civilization and Chinese cultural confidence with big scenes, shocking scenes and theatrical performances of crowd tactics.These small details, including the order of Chinese strokes to determine the order of the delegation at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, all reflect our cultural soft power, which is slowly making the world see.This kind of “moisten things silently”, “here silent wins sound” artistic conception, just can be deeply rooted in the people.