Focus on qiannan “two sessions” state leaders visit “two sessions” media reporters

2022-05-08 0 By

Cloud trait on February 11th afternoon, when the state report period, “the two meetings” committee standing committee, the committee of the secretary-general, Wen Yongsheng committee propaganda department minister, National People’s Congress standing committee, deputy director of the state, state, iwasawa akila first session of the 15th National People’s Congress (NPC) general secretary, state, state, Chinese people’s political consultative conference, vice President of Chinese people’s political consultative conference first session of the 13th secretary-general zhi-long zhou to the state news agency, “the two meetings”He visited journalists from provincial and prefectures who participated in the “TWO Sessions”, talked with them and expressed sincere greetings and thanks to them for their hard work.State visit to participate in the “two sessions” reported the leadership of the province, state news media reporters Xiao was taken to visit, the details about the media reports on the state of the “two sessions”, to the media on the eve of convention and during the conference, the media reporter to overcome the bad climate environment, innovation spread report forms timely, accurate, wide coverage, characteristic such as window give full affirmation,I would like to thank them and wish you all a happy New Year.State leaders stressed that states “two sessions” is in “two one hundred” intersection, the “two overall situation” the new historical starting point at a very important meeting, is a state of the people of all ethnic groups in the political life of a great event, wedding, well-being, high attention from all walks of life, hope the media reporters to focus on the agenda, “the two meetings” persistent efforts, dig the meeting highlights and characteristics,Use pen and lens to aim at deputies and members to record the “NPC and CPPCC”, do a good job in multi-angle, in-depth and all-round publicity reports, timely reflect their suggestions and proposals, publicize and report the performance of the NPC deputies and CPPCC members style and brand new image, convey the voice of “NPC and CPPCC”, tell a good story of the development of Qiannan.Mainstream media should give full play to their advantages, carefully plan, explore and innovate, launch a batch of thoughtful, temperature and quality news works, enhance the coverage and influence of the report, create a good public opinion atmosphere for the successful convening of the conference, sing the good voice of Southern Guizhou and gather positive energy for development.