Good news, wuhan subway qianchuan line has started laying tracks

2022-05-08 0 By

China Traffic broadcast on March 24 news (correspondent Zeng Si Yuan Yonghua) On March 23, in Wuhan metro Qianchuan line Tangyunhai station, as a root of 25 meters long rail firmly laid on the road bed, marking the subway qianchuan line track laying officially began.It is reported that this is the first time for The Wuhan metro to use the long sleeper to lay the track on the common overall track bed.In the construction site, posted safety and technical card control points, always remind operators of safety priorities and quality standards;In the forming road bed working surface, set up car blocking device, derailer, red card and other safety protection measures, to ensure the working surface construction safety.Li Jieyuan, the first-level project manager of Wuhan Metro Construction Headquarters, introduced that qianchuan Line has a long section, the maximum length of which is 5.157km, with more straight lines and fewer curves.It is the first time for wuhan subway to use long sleepers on common integral track beds.The long sleeper is convenient for track gauge and slope control at the bottom of the track, and can reduce the slope rate of the sleeper.In the later operation process, it can greatly improve the rail ride comfort, passenger ride comfort, but also prolong the life of the rail.In order to ensure the quality of track laying, Wuhan metro requires that the distance, height and direction error of track should not exceed 2 mm.Li Jieyuan introduced that qianchuan Line Park Expo Park North station is an existing operation station, shield underground only 17m long track bed to lay track, conventional rail car and tank car configuration can not meet the pouring construction of the track bed, specially customized 2 wheeled with power concrete tank car (maximum length of 10.5m), to ensure the site construction requirements.The construction period of qianchuan line is tight, and 4 track-laying bases have been set up throughout the line. At peak time, 12 track-laying operation surfaces are configured for simultaneous construction. Currently, more than 700 track-laying workers are online at the same time.Wuhan rail transit line before sichuan project will be divided into two phase construction, the maekawa line north station of a period of garden show park station (excluding) to hengdian, there were 7 station, among them, Shang Yunhai Ma Chi stop, dragon avenue station, tenglong avenue station for four station underground station, day Yang road station, airport north road station, hengdian stand three station for elevated station, the transfer station 2,In julong Avenue station can transfer with the existing Line 2, Tianyang Road station reserved tianhe airport hub direction convergence conditions.Qianchuan Line connects huangpi Qianchuan urban area, CNR Base, airport economic and industrial demonstration area, Panlong City, East and West Lake district and other key development areas. It is one of the important passenger transport corridors in Wuhan.